My new Batman figure review is up at OAFE

My review of the black-and-gray repaint Batman has been posted over on OAFE. Be sure to check it out–my editor, yo go re, added a nice effect with one of the photos that shows what some other possible repaints might have been.

Batman review

On a related note, I was reading The Dark Knight Archives Volume 1–one of my Xmas gifts–when I came across the following panel from an old 1940 comic. The context is that Batman has figured out that an old woman is actually Catwoman in disguise and is taking off her make-up. When she resists, he says the obvious thing. (I swear this isn’t Photoshopped–this is the real panel. And keep in mind, Robin is standing nearby–way to set an example, Bruce.)

Papa spank

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  • What is a “repaint”? Is that the same thing as when you made me paint your old Wolverine figure to represent his new costume colors?

  • it’s painting a figure to get a desired look. so, yes.

    that papa spank panel is disturbing…