My Gentle Giant Hellboy finally arrives…

…after months and months of delays, and I get the dang variant! The figure looks awesome, but I prefer to own the iconic versions of characters, so it looks like I’ll have to sell or trade this guy and wait for my other order to arrive.

Still, he looks fantastic. He’s looks to be in a six-inch scale, has Marvel Legends-style articulation and great sculpting, and comes with two alternate hands and his giant revolver (which fits in the holster).



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  • As you may recall, Hellboy files his horns down to stumps. This figure has long horns, which HB only has when he's been transformed into his "Beast of the Apocalypse" mode.

    I'll check the magic TRU today or tomorrow.

  • Please explain to Mumma Ghostal…what’s wrong with this guy? Is a variant not the same as what you ordered? Should I know this stuff?

    And perhaps the MTRU might have Cleatus, the non-enchanted TRU’s never heard of him!!

  • He's already winging his way to a new owner–one who will love him and care for him as I never could. Hopefully my other order will ship soon.

  • Hello! I'm from Hong Kong!! I really love this figure!! Can you please to tell me where you order this hellboy figure? Will it ship to Hong Kong? Thanks!!!