Merry Christmas!

After filling this site’s stocking to the brim with posts over the last twenty-four days, I’m going to take a little break and just wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. PoA will be back tomorrow with more interviews, photos, and other fun stuff. Until then, enjoy the day!

5 Questions with: Santa Claus

Codename: Santa Claus Specialty: Philanthropist Base of Operations: The North Pole History: The origins of the magical being known as Santa Claus are shrouded in mystery. Despite popular depictions in hundreds of books, television shows, and movies, the real Santa Claus remains as much an enigma as ever. OK, I’m officially as giddy as a […]

5 Questions with: Mumma Ghostal

Codename: Mumma Ghostal Base of operations: The Great White North (Boston, MA) History: A Navy brat and the second child in a family of seven kids, Mumma Ghostal grew up here, there and everywhere, causing havoc with her siblings and generally raising hell. Then one day she met my father, Popo Ghostal, and soon, instead […]

5 Questions with: Popo Ghostal

Codename: Popo Ghostal Not to be confused with: Topo Gigio History: Born and raised in New England, Popo Ghostal has pulled off some of the most amazing toy coups over the years, successfully tracking down rare imported Godzilla toys, the original Godzilla Nintendo game, and a Ninja Turtle figure named Ray Fillet. PG: Did you […]

DC Universe in the house

I had originally intended to ask Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be to wrap up the figures from my case of DC Universe Classics before I looked at them, so I could open them under the Christmas tree. But after realizing that this would be profoundly anticlimactic and possibly also overshadow the real gifts I receive Tuesday morning…I tossed […]

TOYFARE WEEK > 5 Questions with: Dylan Brucie

Codename: Dylan Brucie Specialty: Photographer Base of Operations: ToyFare Magazine History: Dylan Brucie was born in the early 1980s, like many great toylines. He wasted a lot of time growing up in upstate New York playing with toys and reading comics. After going to college for journalism, he got an internship at Wizard Entertainment writing […]

Space Ghost: Speaker to Speaker

Back in college, I used my then-awesome digital camera to create a “figuretoon” inspired by the show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Now, thanks to the magic of Flickr, you too can enjoy it! Featuring interviews with Pee-Wee Herman, Randy “The Macho Man” Savage, and the inevitable brawl, complete with chair-bashing. Click on the photo […]

Poe’s Point > Toy packaging comes under fire from local TV news guy

Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be and I are often amused by the promo spots for Jon Keller, a Boston TV news personality. He’s sort of a cross between John Stossel and a daytime talk show host; every promo follows a formula whereby something seemingly positive is revealed to possibly be negative. “Doctors say regular exercise is good for […]

DC Universe Classics – what do you think?

Michael Crawford has posted his review of the first wave of DC Universe Classics. I should be receiving my case from Cornerstorecomics. I’ll freely admit, while I had a Batman period when the movie came out in 1989, I was never really that into the comics (until recently). I did have a pretty significant Marvel […]

TOYFARE WEEK > 5 Questions with: Jon Gutierrez

Codename: Jon Gutierrez Specialty: Price Guide Editor Base of Operations: ToyFare magazine History: After getting a degree in political science/journalism from the University of Connecticut, Jon worked as a newspaper reporter until he realized that covering town meetings wasn’t going to get less boring. He then managed to land a job as ToyFare‘s first dedicated […]