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Mattel has come up with a pretty cool option for comic shops that order DC Universe Classics. Customers can pre-order their own six-figure case, which guarantees one of each character and just one extra. I had an extra Batman in my wave one case that I gave to Toys for Toys.I’ve already pre-ordered a case of DCUC wave two (from Corner Store Comics). The case will include one of each figure and one extra (probably Superman Blue/Red). This time, I’m going to give the extra figure–to one of you!*

Yes, the winner of the contest gets the extra figure, plus any other neat stuff I might decide to toss in the prize pack, as well as an exclusive “5 Questions With” interview. So how do you win? It’s simple: guess which day my case will arrive in the mail.

The range is from February 1 to March 31 (if it comes after March 31, then the latest date is the winner). Please note, the winner is the person whose date is closest to the day on which the package is delivered on my doorstep, not the day I get the shipping notice.

To play, just pick a date between 2/1–3/31 and post it in the comments below. Winner will be announced on the site on April 2 (because if I made it April 1, I’d be too tempted to do some cruel practical jokes). I’ll keep a list of who has what date here in this post. Good luck!

*Close friends and family members not eligible, because what’s the fun in that?

Actual Date of Arrival: ???

  • February 14: Shocka
  • February 22: JPL
  • February 29: OB1
  • March 1: PrfktTear
  • March 2: SixWayShot
  • March 5: Paul
  • March 7: Esbat
  • March 9: Tom-Tom
  • March 10: Pete
  • March 12: J_Stone
  • March 15: Orionpax636
  • March 16: Allan
  • March 17: Googum
  • March 18: Scott
  • March 22: Cody
  • March 25: rapitrone
  • March 30: Kastor’s Korner
  • March 31: AskedForIt

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  • I will go with March 16.

    Also, I had that toy of the robot bird guy saying post a comment. What was the toy line called? Did it not involve a plane/ship that has infrared that you shot at the tv with?

  • As much as I want to go with Feb. 6, it being my birthday and all, I call it as too early in the season for delivery. I'm gonna go with…oh, March 10.

  • "*Close friends and family members not eligible"

    …wait should I be happy or sad that I'm eligible for this? heh

  • @Paul–Don't worry, I'm mostly referring to people who live near or me or whom I see frequently. Giving the prize to them would be pretty anticlimactic (I'm making an exception for OB1 because he's done far too much as my webmaster for me to refuse him something like this).

  • I go with March 15, if you please. May we expect a Max Steele feature anytime soon?

  • Hahaha… I was thinking that if I happened to win, I'd just have you pass it along to the person closest to me without going over. I'm thinking 2/29 is a bit early… I just liked the idea of claiming that date. 🙂

  • @OP636: I'm sure I'll write a piece about Maxx Steele at some point…

    @OB1: Honestly, I'm surprised no one else has taken a shot at February. After all, the first wave of DCUC figures was officially due in stores on January 1, and I received my case from Cornerstorecomics on December 22. The street date for wave two is "spring." So while the early March dates are a good bet, a late February date wouldn't be that much of a surprise.

  • I almost want to switch this to my birthday… but no, i'll stick with my number. Jesus wants me to have your Spare Harley Quinn.

  • I feel like I should again stress that chances are the extra figure will be a Superman Red or Blue.

    And one guess per person–as I said, closest person wins, and if the date falls exactly between two guesses we'll have some sort of tiebreaker.

  • i know poe, i was kidding. hence the smiley.

    if i get it, i wouldnt be too disappointed with getting supes: he perfect fodder.

  • And one guess per person-as I said, closest person wins, and if the date falls exactly between two guesses we'll have some sort of tiebreaker.

    Cage match?

  • Jesus says Harley Quinn, besides your gut guessed that Pringles and Bean Dip quadruple decker mini sammiches with a Mr. Pibb at lunch was a bright idea :p

  • @Tom-Tom–yeah, I was thinking he's pretty much perfect for a Captain Atom custom. Wouldn't be surprised if that shows up as an exclusive…though isn't he dead right now or something?

    @Pete–I was thinking of just rolling some dice, but a cage match would be good too.

    @Esbat–Fair enough.

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