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Batman and the Six-Inch Outsiders

ODD: That’s a photo of the action figures currently occupying the place of honor at the side of my desk. I decided I wanted to put together a display with one representative from all the one-twelfth (one foot=one inch) scale figure lines I own.

From the left, we’ve got: Wolverine from Marvel Legends; the Savage Dragon from Legendary Comic Book Heroes (holding some sort of random gun I had–anyone recognize it?); DCSH8 Batman; Blanka from Street Fighter; a kitbash of Halloween Spawn and 10th Anniversary Spawn; and the Four Horsemen’s 2005 Fantastic Exclusive, the Keeper of the Black Labyrinth. For the most part they’re in scale with one another, though the Dragon is a little tall (he’s a bit below six feet in the comics, not counting the fin), as is Wolverine (just a smidge). I’m psyched that the new NECA Ninja Turtles will be 5 ΒΌ” tall–that means they’re technically in the one-twelfth scale.

END: Speaking of the Turtles, here’s a sneak peek at the box set packaging. I’ve been waiting twenty years for these figures…I can (barely) wait another two months.

ODD: ToyFare has posted my article from issue #128 on their website. Unfortunately, for some reason the images don’t seem to be working.

END: I picked up the first volume of The Sinestro Corps War last week, and I have to say–it lives up to the hype. The scale and pacing of the story made me think of a space opera version of The Lord of the Rings, and the first volume ends on a note reminiscent of The Two Towers or The Empire Strikes Back. The art is great, and even without an encyclopedic (or even passing) familiarity with the Green Lantern mythos, I was able to follow the story. Highly recommended.

ODD: Looks like Mattel was a wee bit premature with its claims of an early February release for DC Universe Classics wave two. We’ve got a real contest now, folks.

END: We still need more captions for the most recent Caption the Pic, folks. Multiple entries are welcome. Keep ’em coming! Otherwise I may drop the whole thing, which would suck, since the next prize I’m planning on offering is a MOC Hulkbuster Iron Man…

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  • You gotta promote the contest more! Flood forums, send out myspace messages, whatever ya gots to do to get the word out that there is free stuff to be had.

    Thanks for the comic recommendation. I never know what to read. My default comics are Supergirl and anything Supergirl related and whatever my friends recommend.

  • Sinestro Corps War is, indeed, fantastic. And the fallout is proving to be very interesting too.

  • Well I'll spread the word about the caption contest to other WUMBers… but you're gonna need a bigger, OH wait you already got one