A few thoughts on comics

Toy Fair is in full swing. So while you feast on all the toy info pouring out of New York, I’m going to take a brief break from toys to talk about another geeky topic: comics.

Caption the Pic! > Knit Pic

Today’s Caption the Pic features my Valentine’s Day present from Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be: an unbelievably awesome knitted Batman. She knitted everything on it (except for the bat symbol, which is made of felt). That’s right, my knitted Batman’s got belt pouches, bitches. So go ahead and write up a caption for this pic in the comments […]

5 Question With > Mattel’s Toy Guru, 2/15/08

Mattel’s marketing extraordinaire, “Toy Guru,” has graciously agreed to answer a few questions regarding their DC Universe Classics line. PG: Does Mattel view DC Universe Classics as a collector-oriented line that can appeal to kids, a child-oriented line that can appeal to collectors, or a mix of both?

Poe’s Point > MST OK, where are my action figures?

When I was about twelve, in 1990, there was nothing I wanted more than figures from the movies Aliens and Predator. After all, I had Robocop toys, so it wasn’t as if there were no precedent for action figures based on rated-R flicks. Alas, the first toys from Kenner would not arrive for a few […]

Mattel gets WWE license

Though the first products won’t hit shelves until 2010, it seems Mattel will take over the WWE license, currently held by JAKKS Pacific.

Odds ‘n Ends > Lifeforce Edition

ODD: I’m trying to streamline PGPoA a bit; from now on, you’ll get Odds ‘n Ends on Tuesdays, Poe’s Points on Thursdays, and a Friday Photo. News, reviews, interviews and commentary will fill the remaining days. Speaking of which, I’ve already got two cool interviews lined up for the coming weeks, so make sure you’ve […]

Giants of Justice

Despite having just been mentioned by Mattel’s ToyGuru last week, it seems the 12″ Giants of Justice line has already started hitting eBay. (Doesn’t “Giants of Justice” sound like a rock album by members of the Supreme Court? Anyway…) The first three in the line are Superman, Batman and Killer Croc.

Friday Photo > Batarang in Flight

I got the idea for this image from two sources–a shot from the opening sequence of Batman: The Animated Series and a panel from “Wanted: Santa Claus–Dead or Alive!” (drawn by Frank Miller) from DC Special Series #21 (Holiday Special); Spring, 1980. Composition was pretty simple–took the shot of Batman in my light tent, then […]