Plastic withdrawal

All apologies for the relative dearth of posts these last few weeks, but I seem to be in a dead zone toy-wise.

I’ve read reports that McFarlane’s Halo figures and even some of Hasbro’s Iron Man movie toys have hit the streets, but a trip to the magic Toys ‘R Us and my local Wal-Mart came up snake eyes this past weekend. I had a TRU gift card, so I decided to just preorder a couple Halo figures off their website instead. Of course, the site has them listed as not shipping until the end of March, despite being in stores now.

As for Iron Man, the only figure I want is Iron Monger–who I’m guessing will be shortpacked, because that’s the way my world works.

There is some good stuff coming up in the near future. The oft-mentioned DCUC wave two should hit this week or next. The NECA Ninja Turtles will be out in April, and hopefully, the Four Horsemen’s second production run of Ramathorr will arrive somewhere in there.

Further out, I’m looking forward to Mattel’s Dark Knight figures in May and waves three and four of DCUC over the summer. Then there will be whatever the San Diego Comic Con DCUC exclusive is (any volunteers to pick that up for me…?).

On another topic, I’ve decided not to make Conan the Librarian a series (for now), and will instead make a random strip of some sort every so often (I”ll try to do it weekly, but for now I’m not committing to that). This will be in addition to Caption the Pic, which I’ll continue to do so long as I have toys to give away as prizes.

Has anyone else been bummed out lately? Maybe dem’s da breaks of living in New England in winter, but this has been one heck of a dark and dreary month.


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  • I was feeling that way a few weeks ago, but the nice(r) weather is finally starting to hit in Washington. Of course, nicer is still wet and rainy here…just not as cold.

    I know what you mean about the dead zone…I call it The Wait. Keep an eye out, I've got a blog post about that very thing in the works…

  • Clearance stuff has been keeping me going at least a bit, but yeah, I hear ya.

    I'm a little disappointed in some stuff that's gone all vaporware on me: that third wave of Legendary Heroes, for instance. Still waiting for the next batch of ML Icons–I wanted the Nightcrawler, of course, but those haven't turned up either.

    Weekly strips? Hell, yeah!

  • Incidentally, googum, I love your strips.

    I'd link to them more often via Delicious, but the manner in which you post them makes it hard to figure out what the title is sometimes. Plus, putting the first one on Flickr tends to screw me up a bit too.

    Have you looked into finding a better way to display them on your blog?

  • I too am suffering from the winter doldrums. I really do think it has something to do with the bleak New England weather we've been having.

    Luckily I had the DCUC to break it up, and I'm looking forward to Wave 2, as well as the upcoming TMNT. No new Formers till June, so thats all I've got till then! Maybe I'll be lucky and find a new Joe here & there, or just order from BBTS.

  • I know how you feel. Sometimes there isn't enough fire to get you writing about one topic. Just do what I do, post youtube videos. It's the lazy bloggers way of updating.

  • I don't know: I keep using flickr so I can check the color on another monitor–my home one is a bit dark. And I have a Thing one lined up with a few larger panels, I have to see how those turn out.

    Really, I'm like a chimp banging on this keyboard, and I haven't had time to monkey with my settings lately, so to speak.