JAKKS scores American Gladiators license

I’m a wolf…raaaarrrrrr.

 The wish is granted…long live Jambi.

It appears the loudly expressed wishes of collectors such as myself did not fall on deaf ears: JAKKS Pacific, maker of the popular WWE and Rocky action figure lines, has obtained the master license to the new American Gladiators.

MALIBU, Calif., Mar 31, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAKK) today announced that it signed an exclusive worldwide Master Toy License with MGM Consumer Products for American Gladiators(R), the hit competition-based television program that airs on NBC. JAKKS(R) expects to launch a line of American Gladiators toys and related products in Spring 2009, based on the characters and challenges seen on the show. American Gladiators is produced by MGM Television and Reveille in association with Flor-Jon Films, Inc.

The comprehensive American Gladiators Master Toy license agreement, brokered through licensing agent JTMG LLC, on behalf of MGM Consumer Products includes action figures, accessories, as well as outdoor sports and seasonal products, and role play toys, all based on the new American Gladiators live action series and the classic television series.

This means I get my Wolf figure. Awesome. Now I just have to wait a year for the toys to come out. Crap. I hope the show’s still on by then.

Review > Iron Man movie figures

You will believe an iron man can fly

Poe: Howdy, Poe here, and with me is my good friend and PGPoA Power Pal Pete of Fanwank.net.

Pete: Hello!

Poe: Today we’re going to do a review of a few of Hasbro’s new action figures based on the upcoming film Iron Man, starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. The figures hit stores last Saturday, and it looks like they’re already selling well. I picked up the “Mark 03” Iron Man, as well as the villain called Iron Monger.

Pete: I got the Mark 01 Prototype Armor and the Target-exclusive Repulsor Red Prototype version. Continue reading “Review > Iron Man movie figures”

Odds ‘n Ends > Horatio Caine edition

Shades of JusticeODD: That’s right, Poe’s guiltiest pleasure of all, CSI Miami, is back, baby! Since I watched pretty much every episode on A&E last summer, I’ve only had new episodes to slake my thirst, and what with the writer’s strike I’ve been deprived of the pithy statements of Horatio Caine for months. But as we all know, “Here in Miami, we…never…close.” (cue Roger Daltrey scream)

Continue reading “Odds ‘n Ends > Horatio Caine edition”

Iron Merchandising

Hasbrotoyshop.com has posted images of a second Iron Monger figure in the the movie line–one that features an unmasked Obadiah Stane. The figure will be part of a sort of ‘Wave 1.5’–it’s expected to release later in the summer, well after the movie, in fact.



Pete says: Rock on! More un-masked versions of characters, please! It’s not quite having the characters in business attire (something that is certainly feasible–see DCSH Clark Kent), but it does make customs of that exact thing possible. This is the kind of variety I like to see in a line, though truth be told, I don’t see why the first Iron Monger figure couldn’t have the same thing…it certainly beats an action feature.

You can see a larger photo of Obadiah’s head here. The likeness is…yeah.

Poe’s Point > Here come the price hikes

Earlier this year many manufacturers announced there would be price hikes on their 2008 products. Due to a combination of rising gas prices (most plastics are made from petroleum), Chinese and American governmental policies, the current toy safety crisis, and the weakness of the American dollar, price hikes on action figures were inevitable:

Mattel Inc (MAT.N: Quote, Profile, Research), which manufacturers most of its toys in China, said earlier this year it will raise prices by roughly 5 – 10 percent in the second half of the year.

For those of you curious as to how exactly this will hit close to home, Scott, owner and manager of the online retailer Enchanted Toy Chest, recently posted a message on the Fwoosh forum about it: Continue reading “Poe’s Point > Here come the price hikes”