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Super Smash Troubles

(Yes, I know Super Smash Bros. Brawl is rated T for Teen, but that’s not as funny.)

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  • Awesome. I finally picked this up last night…now I need to unlock Snake.


    (Sorry, kind of a big Metal Gear fan)

  • @Tom-Tom: The Mario is from ToyBiz's 1999 Mario Kart line, a line I wish I'd bought every single figure from.

  • @Poe – I forget. Did you end up with the Yoshi at my X-Mas party or was that liberated from you? I ended up fighting 'Giant Yoshi' during Classic Mode and figured you might have the makings of a Part II if you possess the thunder lizard.

  • @Pete – I'm a HUGE Metal Gear fan as well and absolutely love all the MG fan service sprinkled throughout this game. I've unlocked 4 MG musical tracks thus far – including one from the upcoming Guns of the Patriots. The best part is the Codec conversations. Snake has one for each of his opponents (you have to press rotate the directional pad to unlock them). Anyway, my personal favorite thus far is when he is confronted with Donkey Kong.

    In Snake's best gravelly tone – "Otacon, I've got a monkey wearing a necktie here…"

  • I seem to recall buying that Link at Electronics Boutique at the Kingston mall ten years ago for seven bucks…looks like he's kind of rare now.

  • I'm going to be unpopular here, but I never really cared for the game when I first played the gamecube version.

    I like this comic though.

  • Hey, it's cool. Different strokes for different folks. I've never cared for any of the GTA games…