Transformers: Animated arrives early?

If you can’t wait until June for the first wave of Transformers: Animated figures to hit shelves, you may be in luck! Yesterday, the Hasbro Toy Shop Catalogue began hitting mailboxes, and yours truly happened to receive one. Inside is a full page spread featuring the first wave of Transformers: Animated figures. Hasbro is reporting […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Impatient Edition

ODD: DCUC Wave Two is hitting all over the country, but not the online retailer I pre-ordered it from. I don’t blame the retailer for that–nor Mattel, frankly. Wave One arrived at the online retailers before it hit the brick and mortar stores, so there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. […]

ToyFare #129 (May 2008)

Picked up the latest issue of ToyFare this week. In the tradition of all uninspired stand-up comedians, let’s see what’s in the news this month… Cover: Iron Monger from Hasbro’s Iron Man movie line. I have to admit, he looks totally awesome, though I’m wondering whether those hips are ball jointed. Haven’t seen any of […]

Lord of the Batches

Before we get to the winner of the contest, I just wanted to pass along the news that NECA has released new images of its upcoming two-pack of Jareth (the Goblin King) and Hoggle from the cult film Labyrinth. I must say, NECA may be taking their famed devotion to detail a bit too far:

Ask Mattel > 3/13/08

PG: Pre-sale photos of Deathstroke have shown a machine gun, a sword and sheath, a staff and a removable pistol in a holster. Will the retail figure come with all these accessories, and if so, why the bevy of goodies for ol’ Slade? Mattel’s “ToyGuru”: Yes! Slade in both his standard and chase version will […]

Poe’s Point > Top Five Most Anticipated Movie Toy Lines of 2008

Yeah, I could write a list of my most anticipated movies this year–and there are quite a few–but to stay more on-topic, I decided to list what I think are the five most anticipated action figure lines based on movies this year among collectors. Note, these aren’t listed in the order I’m anticipating them, but […]

The Toybox > #1: Lost and Found

Welcome to the first edition of The Toybox, an original webcomic drawn by Red Kryptonite (whose lovely art adorns the rest of this site) and written by yours truly. The Toybox will feature an ongoing story (with suitable single-strip punchlines whenever possible) and a cast of toy-themed characters. Initially, you can expect a new Toybox […]