Star Wars and G.I. Joe News Round Up

Hello all, Paul here again with another Hasbro update. There’s been yet another week of almost no new G.I. Joe or Star Wars news of any import. Still, I’ve gathered what I could for fans of Mr. Poe’s site and here we go:

Star Wars

Hasbro released an image of the San Diego Comic Con Darth Vader with Holographic Emperor which will also be available after the con on the internet. The figure is pretty unique as the holographic Emperor isn’t just a clear figure, but a gigantic light up head:



Hasbro has also kept up with answering questions from fan sites. If that kind of thing is interesting to you, I’d suggest you check out my take on the questions for round 49 and round 50.

G.I. Joe

Sadly, there really has been about zip to come out of the G.I. Joe toy world in the last couple of weeks. Here’s some pictures of Wave 7 from Toy News International to hold you over until they hit stores.

Collectors should keep an eye out for the new G.I. Joe battlepacks found at Toys R Us if army building is your thing, because my roommate Shawn found a whole crap load of them at his favorite Toys R Us stomping grounds. He picked up the Cobra Night Watch set and it looks pretty cool. The black machine gun looks really good with these guys.

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  • I found some of the G.I. Joe battlepacks at my local TRU. Kinda funny though, I was there on Tuesday, and they had about five or six of them. When I returned the next day they were all gone! Imagine that!

    (I returned to TRU pick up a couple Sixma Six figures, which I was convinced by a couple OAFErs)

    The Cobra Night Watch is decent… I'm on the fence about army building. These packs are great for that though. During the Joe drought in my area, I went crazy with Red Ninjas picking up three more in addition to the one I already had. I'd be more compelled to pick up the set with Snake Eyes in the green BDUs, but I think that'd be a little much. We'll see though, in a few weeks when I'm salivating for a new wave the battlepacks might be what I need to satiate my appetite!