The Legend of Marvel Figures–Impressions from NYCC 2008

Legend (n): 1 a: a story coming down from the past; especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable b: a body of such stories <a place in the legend of the frontier> c: a popular myth of recent origin d: a person or thing that inspires legends e: the subject of a legend <its violence was legend even in its own time — William Broyles Jr.>

With the arrival of the New York Comic Con, news about the long-questionable status of the Marvel Legends toy line has finally come to light, and Hasbro has definitively confirmed that its status is still questionable.

Wait, what?

For starters, the Nemesis wave, what we knew as ML4, has been pushed back to December (!). It will now be a Wal-Mart exclusive.

What we knew as ML5–the wave with Spiral–is coming out in September, now, and will be exclusive to Target stores, making it the first Target exclusive ML wave, I believe.

The two Hulk waves will be hitting in the latter half of the year–August for wave 1 and September/October for wave 2.

Hasbro also revealed more ML two-packs–in addition to the Elektra/Ronin and Cap/Fury packs, we’re also getting a SHIELD Agent/Hand pack, a Skrull/Kree pack, and a Forge/Wolvie pack.

Wait, FORGE!? Really? Sweet! He and Wolvie will be wearing the X-uniform that the whole team wore for a brief period of time, just before the launch of X-Men volume 2.

It looks like more of the two packs feature interchangeable parts as well–Elektra has two heads, both with and without bandanna, and two sets of hands, sculpted to hold different weapons. Wolverine comes with scowly and screaming heads, and–a first for ML–interchangeable hands without claws extended. Forge looks loaded with weapons, two different heads, and two sets of hands, open and sculpted to hold the weapons. Also included in the shot with Forge’s extra parts is a mysterious blonde head–without any body for context, it could be anyone. The SHIELD agent looks to include either a helmeted variant head or Nick Fury (or both?), though, yet again, no cigar for everyone’s favorite Colonel. I like army builders, but I’m a little disappointed to be getting generic SHIELD agents before the likes of Dum Dum Dugan. The Skrull/Kree pack looks to feature interchangeable arms for the Skrull–who himself seems to be a repaint/retool of the Super Skrull from the doomed FF Classics line.

Due to a fair amount of complaint, it seems Hasbro is bringing back double elbows and knees–at least for these figures.

We’re also finally getting shots of (what was) ML 5–another Black Costume Spidey seems a bit redundant, but given the scarcity of the last one, I know I’ll appreciate it. Wolvie in a black costume (evil clown suit?) will be making an appearance, and Silver Savage looks amazing. Union Jack looks like–well, Union Jack. It looks as though there may be a helmetless Spiral variant, and Adam Warlock looks great too. There’s a Red Hulk back there in the shots, but no card to say whether he’s part of the wave or not.

Also shown were shots of the rest of the Hulk Legends figures–an atrocious looking Grey Hulk, plus Hulk: The End, a very pouty looking King Hulk, Savage She-Hulk, Absorbing Man (who looks like he just may be the standout figure of the wave, with the brick sculpting on that leg), Son of Hulk, Wendigo, and Doc Samson. It looks like Bi-Beast has been regrettably scaled down to the Hulk Movie line–I say regrettably because the sculpt looks fantastic.

Speaking of movie figures, more Iron Man movie figures were shown–shots of Titanium Man, who we’ve seen on packaging already, then other such things as Captain America Armor Iron Man (complete with shield–*sigh*), the black-and-white Satellite Armor Iron Man, Stealth Armor Iron Man (not to be confused with Stealth Operations Iron Man, though he’s packing just as much heat), and shots of the more accurate second Iron Monger figure. There were also shots of the Iron Man car, which I will most assuredly buy and repaint if it’s properly scaled for six inch figures.

Spider-Man Classics is making a return, it seems, and is loaded on re-releases–Iron Spidey (who was scarce the first time, so good call), the SAME CARNAGE FIGURE AGAIN (seriously, time for a new one already), what they’re calling Classic Venom (who looks to be a decent sculpt–possibly a new figure–albeit with a currently atrocious paint job), Shocker, the Humberto Ramos-style Green Goblin, what looks to be McFarlane Spidey with a new paint job, and Underwater Mission Spider-Man, complete with scuba gear and a wetsuit–a great sculpt of a terrible idea.

In the back are some more movie figures–first, the Spider-Man Legends Movie Sandman, pouty face and all, though he’s got interchangeable arms now. There’s another shot of the Movie Black Costume Spider-Man–you know, the one that shouldn’t exist–and a card back shows Movie Rhino scaled up to 6-inch as well.

Transformer Crossovers is showing pics of Venom and Spidey–they look interesting, but there’s not much else to say about that.

Superhero Squad! There appear to be repaints (surprise!) of the Iron Man figures–Ultimate Iron Man is repainted to black and grey, but it looks more like War Machine than Ultimate Black Widow’s armor. The unmasked Tony Stark is painted this weird red-and-tan combo–I can’t call it gold because the First Appearance Iron Man has been repainted gold and is in the same shot. You can see the difference. The box set War Machine figure is also repainted to standard IM red and yellow, for some reason.

We’ll also be seeing what looks like SHS Falcon, Winter Soldier, comic-based Sandman, Spidey hanging from a lightpost, Hobgoblin, Punisher in his Captain America duds, Electro, Red Skull, Sentry, and another Punisher with a trench coat and a different set of weapons.

The Target Exclusive Movie Hulk was shown in packaging…and he looks as though he’s had a stroke. He’s got this sort of displeased grimace, but it droops down the side of his face, as though his muscles weren’t responding. I mentioned the movie Hulk figures earlier–BiBeast looks great, at least sculpt-wise (Peg shoulders? Really?), and it looks like that line is even getting a better Grey Hulk than Hulk Legends. Last reports were that the Movie Hulk line would be in a 3 3/4 inch scale, which means characters like these will obviously be bigger than that, but how much so? There aren’t enough photos showing them next to six inch figs to get an idea. Here’s hoping!

In addition to covering all things Marvel here, Pete uses his job as a software tester to fuel his horrible plastic addiction by day so that he can make terrible comic strips using that same plastic by night. Check out the dubious fruits of those labors at, if you dare!

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  • There's a lot to look forward to there, and I'm anxious to see new Marvel toys on the shelves: I'm tired of seeing the same Banshee and Jean Grey's on the pegs every time I go in…

  • A couple of things I noticed:

    – Red Hulk will be the BAF for the Target wave.

    – Spiral will have a variant, but it will have gold armor instead of silver. Both have removable helmets.

    – That Venom is actually a repaint of the well-liked Spidey Classics Venom.

    I'm pretty excited about what I saw. Poe might not like the Grey Hulk, but I'm pretty psyched about it – I never liked that "classic" looking version from an earlier wave. The 2 packs look good, and I'm most impressed by that Red Hulk – at the very least, Target's distribution seems more predictable; Walmart still sucks. The decisions on some of those Spidey re-hashes were OK by me; Venom is a good sculpt, that re-use of the Moon Knight body to make a black Spidey should have been done a long time ago, and that McFarlane Spidey sculpt is one of the best ever.

    As for that Hulk movie line, there isn't much that can save it – in my opinion at least, the CGI design of the character isn't all that nice, so the figures can't be either. Something about his face is wrong.

  • @OP636–Please note that Pete wrote this article, not I. 😉 I think the Gray Hulk looks decent. It doesn't come close to Face Off Hulk, though.

    But the only figure I'm definitely getting is this Wolverine repaint. He is, pardon the colloquialism, bad-to-the-izz-ass.

  • @orionpax – Man that Venom is a fatty. He never sold well in my area here neither him or his stealth version. I got one of each but purely due to completest urges and not that I sanely wanted one. Now I blame my urges on his coming back to peg warm the shelves.

  • @Esbat: Ah well, I guess that goes to show individual preference. I've somehow always gravitated towards the more steroid-influenced versions of certain characters, that Venom included. Or maybe I just got influenced at how heavily scalped he was in my area (which is stupid, as like your area, he soon became readily available).

    @Poe: Yeah, that Wolvie is appealing in an Infinity War, evil clone sort of way. If those claws come out that straight at release, my head might explode.

  • I've had several chances to get the Spidey Classics Venom, and I've passed them all up–that knob on the back is a deal breaker for me in all respects. I have an XMC Sabretooth that lounges at the bottom of my toy box for the same reason. Aside from the Aquaspider, I'm actually pleased with most of the re-releases–and I never got a Black Suit Spidey (my favorite Spidey costume), so I'm beyond thrilled with him.

    My problem with the Gray Hulk shown there is the bright pink gums and the wrinkles all over his face. I'm not sure if they're trying to emulate a certain style or what, but Hulk didn't go gray because of old age.

    I love the Red Hulk design though. OP636, where did you read he was the BAF? I had suspected as much, but didn't want to say so until I had a confirmation of sorts.

  • @OPax: Yeah, it was just… not a Brock-style venom. It looked more like the Gargan version with Brock eyes. So it was off putting. If they had just sculpted the green eyes in the center of the white I feel it'd be more accurate but thats me just being a stickler. But I picked up both version of him on clearance for 4 and change in my area.

  • My problem with the Gray Hulk shown there is the bright pink gums and the wrinkles all over his face. I’m not sure if they’re trying to emulate a certain style or what, but Hulk didn’t go gray because of old age.

    I think they were going for the whole Peter David/McFarlane grey-hulk, McF is always heavy on the wrinkles in his art.

    But I agree on the knobs, the only figure I keep around that has a special knob on his back is the ASM Shocker but only because it serves the purpose of making him rumble. Although I'm half tempted to dremel it off.

  • To be honest, I don't think we've ever had a definitive figure of of Venom. I don't like the lumpy, be-knobbed ASM version much, and I hate the Sabertooth buck used for the Sinister Six boxed set Venom.

    I'd like a knobless, early McFarlane-era Venom, please.

  • the S6 venom is close enough to a mcfarlane style for me (well, atleast the head), but he has those damn spikes…

  • Dammit, I tried to post something earlier, but for some reason the site thwarted me…anyhoo…

    @Pete: OK, business first…

    – As Esbat said, I'd heard somewhere that the wrinkly Grey Hulk is supposed to somewhat emulate McFarlane's Grey Hulk – the one that became Joe Fixit. If only they released him with soft goods mafia gear (I'm still hunting the Hulk Classics Joe Fixit). I don't have a source on that, though. Also, I'm down for a version of Grey Hulk other than the pudgy, "old school" version from the prior Legends wave.

    – As for the info that Red Hulk would be the Target BAF, I read it here:

    Marvelousnews seems to have a good relationship with Hasbro's Marvel division, so I'd say it's probably accurate.

    @Poe: Oh well, sadly I guess I'm the only one that likes poor SMC Venom. But I agree, his action feature does funk him up a bit, if only because he can't move his head. Come to think of it, there isn't an entirely accurate version of Toxin either…not a good record for the symbiote family…

    Though I could care less if they ever make a Gargan Venom (though according to Esbat, they already have).

  • Thanks for the link, OP. I hadn't even realized they'd done a second article linking to the same gallery.

    While I like the ML9 Gray Hulk (along with the rest of the FA figs, Thing excluded), I agree we need a modern version. I just wish it were a little more standard than artist specific…

    I like the idea of a Hulk BAF…it gives us the opportunity to get a version that's just slightly more massive than a normal carded version would be. And for some reason, I dig the Red Hulk. Iunno why.