Poe’s Point > DCUC and retail distribution

Mattel hasn’t always had the best track record when it comes to action figure lines in recent years–at least, not when it comes to keeping collectors happy. Their 2002 Masters of the Universe revamp died out as collectors gave up trying to find that one Evil-lyn amongst the racks upon racks of Spin Blade He-Man. Their 2003 Batman line suffered from many of the same problems–four of the best figures, Bat Signal Batman, Attack Armor Batman, Bane and the Scarecrow were initially available only internationally, and the villains that were available in the U.S. were often shortpacked in favor of the umpteenth Batman in some bizarre outfit.

There’s lot of evidence Mattel has learned from their mistakes as the Batman line has morphed into DC Superheroes and then into DC Universe Classics. So far, every buck reuse in DCUC has been to create a look or another character who has appeared in the comics, rather than giving us, say, Arctic Shield Batman.

Still, action figure collectors aren’t known for being a particularly patient lot (and I definitely include myself in that characterization), so it’s no surprise that, as they see shipments of DCUC wave 1 fill the pegs at their local retailers while DCUC2 remains scarce, fans have started to worry the line will soon follow the fate of MOTU.

Never mind the fact that Mattel is bringing MOTU back this fall. Never mind the fact that, arguably, Mattel’s 6″ DC line has been in continuous production since the first Batman figures were released five years ago, albeit under various titles. Never mind that Mattel hasn’t even canceled the JLU line (which hasn’t had a cartoon to support it for two years), but have worked to keep it going as a Target exclusive.

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Odds ‘n Ends > Slow as Ass Edition

ODD: Before you ask, yes, my webhost is having problems again. Fingers crossed that everything is resolved in the next few days. Apparently there’s some troublesome file server, and I think I speak for everyone in my cluster when I suggest that once all the data has been offloaded from that server, it should be dragged out into a field behind the office and smashed with a baseball bat.

But I digress.

END: An inquisitive DC Universe Classics fan uncovered two new photos this week: promo photos of Kalibak and the Sinestro Corps variant of Sinestro. (UPDATE: I’ve removed the Kalibak photo, as apparently Mattel doesn’t want it out there right now.) The Kalibak is a new reveal, and given the fact that the photo was found on Mattel’s retailer site, it’s probably safe to assume he’s the Collect & Connect figure for Wave 6.

ODD: I scored the second Iron Monger and Titanium Man from Hasbro’s Iron Man line in a trade this weekend. Watch for reviews of both figures over on OAFE sometime in the near future. My teeny-tiny review: they’re both pretty cool.

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Mousers in the house(…rs…)

NECA has finally officially admitted that a Mouser 3-pack will be their San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Not many details yet other than the announcement itself and a couple pics.

NECA was kind enough to send along a ginormous hi-res photo of the Mousers, which I’ve posted below, watermark-free, for your enjoyment. (Click on the photo for the gigantic version, or right-click to save.)

One thing I noticed–it doesn’t look like the mouths open. But NECA wouldn’t do that to us…would they? (The figures in the photo do look like painted prototypes, so I think there’s a good chance they will have articulated jaws.)

Flippin’ Through ToyFare #131

Again, all apologies for the scattershot posts this week. Between how busy I’ve been at work and my webhost’s endless problems with a file server on my cluster (causing significant slowdown problems here on PGPoA), it’s been hard to get through an update. But now I’m back and rarin’ to go, the site speed seems to be flying, and I’ve got content up the wazoo!

Today I’m going to discuss ToyFare #131, which hit comic shops last week (and will hit newsstands this week or next).

On the cover we’ve got the 6″ Target exclusive movie Hulk, which is a repaint of the Marvel Legends 1 Hulk with a new head. The ML1 Hulk mold doesn’t come close to the perfection of Face Off Hulk, and I can’t see Ed Norton in that head sculpt the way I can in the movie stills. However, if you missed the boat on previous 6″-scale Hulks, this one might be passable. He is the first 6″ Hulk to feature non-purple pants.

Page 3: Big ol’ ad for DCUC wave 3. Here’s hoping they ship before, say, the end of July…

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Odds ‘N Ends > Authentic Edition

ODD: Where did all the comments go? I leave for a few days and the comments dry up like Aquaman in the desert. Come back! I promise I’ll be interesting!

END: Good news for fans of NECA’s Ninja Turtles line. First, it appears the line is selling quite well. That’s great news; perhaps NECA will be inspired to create more heavily-articulated figures. Second, it appears to be confirmed that the SDCC exclusive is a Mouser 3-pack. Add another exclusive to the pile I’ll be begging for come July…

ODD: From the looks of the toy aisles when I hit Target or TRU, Iron Man seems to be a rousing success with the kids as well as adults. All the 6″ figures have disappeared, though I notice plenty of those Superhero Squad and dress-up sets. Hint hint, Hasbro!

END: Please join me in congratulating Paul of Toy Bender, who entered into wedded bliss this past weekend. I’ll be joining him in just a few scant months. See you on the other side, Paul!

ODD: The next issue of The Toybox will be delayed until the first week of June, due to a hectic schedule for both Red Kryptonite and me. But I’m hoping to put something together to tide you over in the meantime, as well as expand the Toybox world.

END: The latest issue of ToyFare (which I’ll recap tomorrow) has a big ad for wave three of DC Universe Classics, possibly the greatest wave of superhero action figures since ML6. I imagine packaged pics will show up on the Net soon, though I still don’t expect to see my set until late June. If you think you know better, be sure to enter the contest!

A case of mistaken identity

This sure ain't Bebop...

“Hey! Stop it! I’m not who you think I am! Come on guys. Ouch! That hurts! Will you just listen to me? Oh–look! Someone has a camera! Hi mom!”

All apologies for the lack of updates, but I have a good excuse–work has been very busy since I got back from Los Angeles last week. I’ve got some stuff on deck, though.

In the meantime, please to enjoy this photo. The caption, by the way, is courtesy of “Icarus” on the FANtastic Exclusive forums.

Marcus Fenix

I’m back, baby!

Spent last week hopping about the country–first to Houston for a wedding, then to Los Angeles to make preparations for my own nuptials. But now I’m back in Boston just in time for the Celtics to have to go to Game 7…again.

When I got back, I made my usual toy rounds and picked up a figure I’d been waiting to see in person: Marcus Fenix from NECA’s Gears of War. NECA isn’t exactly striking while the iron is hot; Gears dropped in November 2006, and even Halo 3 and its subsequent McFarlane toy line has come and gone since then. However, Gears of War 2 hits this fall, so I imagine these figures will find plenty of collector enthusiasm. Continue reading “Marcus Fenix”

Taters of the Lost Ark

Hi! Power Pal PrfktTear here. While I am the resident Transformers Guru, I’m also nuts about a certain little spud. With Transformers news in a lull since BotCon ’08, and over a month to go until the first Transformers: Animated toys hit shelves, I have a distant cousin, Mr. Potato head. Okay, he’s got nothing to do with Transformers, well, except that he’s made by Hasbro! Good enough!? Lets move on…

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Alas, poor Frank!

I knew him, Donnie; a fellow of infinite death, of most excellent prophecy; he hath warned me of the end of the world a thousand times; and now, how creepy in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here is that eye that I have shot out in the future. Where be your Sparkle Motion now? Your threats, your cryptic stares, your disturbing appearances in the bathroom mirror? Not one to mock your own reflections? Quite hallucinatory?

Now get you to Roberta Sparrow’s driveway, and know this: though you cheat jet engines in the tangent universe, to this favor you must come.