Mousers in the house(…rs…)

NECA has finally officially admitted that a Mouser 3-pack will be their San Diego Comic Con exclusive. Not many details yet other than the announcement itself and a couple pics. NECA was kind enough to send along a ginormous hi-res photo of the Mousers, which I’ve posted below, watermark-free, for your enjoyment. (Click on the […]

Flippin’ Through ToyFare #131

Again, all apologies for the scattershot posts this week. Between how busy I’ve been at work and my webhost’s endless problems with a file server on my cluster (causing significant slowdown problems here on PGPoA), it’s been hard to get through an update. But now I’m back and rarin’ to go, the site speed seems […]

A case of mistaken identity

“Hey! Stop it! I’m not who you think I am! Come on guys. Ouch! That hurts! Will you just listen to me? Oh–look! Someone has a camera! Hi mom!” All apologies for the lack of updates, but I have a good excuse–work has been very busy since I got back from Los Angeles last week. […]

Marcus Fenix

I’m back, baby! Spent last week hopping about the country–first to Houston for a wedding, then to Los Angeles to make preparations for my own nuptials. But now I’m back in Boston just in time for the Celtics to have to go to Game 7…again. When I got back, I made my usual toy rounds […]

Taters of the Lost Ark

Hi! Power Pal PrfktTear here. While I am the resident Transformers Guru, I’m also nuts about a certain little spud. With Transformers news in a lull since BotCon ’08, and over a month to go until the first Transformers: Animated toys hit shelves, I have a distant cousin, Mr. Potato head. Okay, he’s got nothing […]

Alas, poor Frank!

I knew him, Donnie; a fellow of infinite death, of most excellent prophecy; he hath warned me of the end of the world a thousand times; and now, how creepy in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here is that eye that I have shot out in the future. Where be your […]