Odds ‘n Ends – Imposter Edition

ODD: Where is Poe? Is he truly on vacation, or has he been moved to an undisclosed location for…safekeeping? Will he ever return, or has my evil plan finally been realized!? I now present…PETE’S POINTS OF ARTICULATION! …crap, that doesn’t flow nearly as well. I guess Poe has to stay. END: And quite a literal […]

Bat Wheels Leading the Way

Poe, ever the magnanimous tip-dropper that he is, took a few minutes off from his vacation and popped off an email asking me to let you guys know about Mattel’s big news regarding their popular replica of the Batmobile from thr 1966 TV series. Read on for more info and pics!

Disconnected Ramblings on ECCC 2008

It’s no San Diego, and it’s no New York, but Seattle gets a comic convention of its own–The Emerald City ComiCon. Yes, one word. Don’t ask me. Ask them. My original plan was for a trip to SDCC this year, but for a family of four, that’s no easy trip to plan in the space […]

Enter the Elephant

(The Toybox is running late this week, but fear not, it should come out before I leave for vacation on Friday.) As I mentioned, my replacement Ramathorr FANtastic Exclusive figure arrived last week. For those who don’t know the story, the FANtastic Exclusive is a project by the toy design team known as the Four […]

Odds ‘N Ends > Iron Edition

ODD: Yes, I saw Iron Man over the weekend, and yes, in the parlance of my home region, it was wicked good. Or at the very least, it was an entertaining blockbuster action flick with no pretentiousness, pretty good pacing, good acting, some great humor and good characterization. I’ll probably see it again, since Mrs. […]

A Dark and Stormy Knight

Over the weekend I picked up the Dark Knight Batman from Mattel’s “Movie Masters” line. For those who don’t know, Mattel has two action figure lines for the movie: a five-inch scale, kid-oriented line and the MM figures, which were sculpted by the Four Horsemen, are about six inches (roughly–see below) tall and feature DCUC-style […]

Ask Mattel > 5/1/08

Welcome to another round of Ask Mattel here at PGPoA. Let’s get right into it… Poe Ghostal: Will the Lobo SDCC exclusive be produced in at least the same numbers as Man-Bat last year? Mattel’s “ToyGuru”: Sorry, but we can’t comment on the production run of any of our exclusives! When should collectors start keeping […]