Poe’s Point > A little perspective for DCUC collectors

Where is everyone? Two new posts since Friday and not a word of comment. I suppose I can’t really complain, since I’ve been sort of in toy hibernation myself, anxiously awaiting the arrival of wave three of DC Universe Classics. The waiting has already driven more than one collector over at Fwoosh and RTM insane. […]

Hasbro Makes My Short Round Dreams Come True

Recently Hasbro released images of their upcoming Indiana Jones figures and they’ve finally made my dreams come true. Way back when I first heard that they were going to make Indiana Jones figures, the figure I had wanted the most (aside from Indiana Jones of course) was Short Round. Why you ask? Why? Short Round […]

Humor > Economics Study Claims “Free Parking Prize” Destabilizes Monopoly

More double-dipping into my old Biggerboat entries for last-minute filler. Enjoy! Geneva, SWITZERLAND—A group of international economic researchers released the findings of a three-year study this week, claiming that the traditional–but technically illegal–use of the “Free Parking prize” in Parker Brothers’ “Monopoly” board game hopelessly destabilizes the game, allowing players to win by chance rather […]

Robo Course

While obviously I encourage you to go out and buy the a copy of ToyFare #132, you can now read my retrospective on the 1980s Robo Force toy line on TF’s website as well. Get ‘Er, Robo! Robo Force may have suction cups for behinds, but these robot toys never, ever sucked Hello, Robo! Adios, […]

5 Questions With: TJ Dietsch

Codename: TJ Dietsch Specialty: Associate Editor Base of Operations: ToyFare magazine History: He comes from the mean streets of Toledo, Ohio where he learned to survive by reading comics, watching hours of TV and playing with toys. He’s somehow, to the amazement of just about everyone but his mom, turned all that into a living–go […]

ToyFare #132

Let’s see what we’ve got in this month’s issue of ToyFare! Keep in mind, this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive breakdown of every single page of the issue–just a few of the highlights that particularly interested me. Page 4 – Inside the Monkeyhouse: Gotta love Zach’s old-school Toy Biz Batman outfit. There’s the requisite […]

Old school haulage and a rare Poe custom

I’m on a little mini-vacation right now, using up my vacation days at work before they expire on July 1. I took yesterday off, as well as the first two days of next week. So rather than do anything even mildly constructive yesterday, I headed off to a local comic shop, Comicazi. Comicazi has two […]