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Where is everyone? Two new posts since Friday and not a word of comment. I suppose I can’t really complain, since I’ve been sort of in toy hibernation myself, anxiously awaiting the arrival of wave three of DC Universe Classics. The waiting has already driven more than one collector over at Fwoosh and RTM insane.

Much of the complaining among the online community is based around Mattel’s perceived distribution problems. In terms of quantity, I understand where that’s coming from–the second wave of DCUC has been difficult to find, though I think it’s worth pointing out that there’s plenty of the first wave around, and it’s probably only fair to wait and see how easy it is to find waves three, four and beyond before condemning the company. DCUC2 could be a fluke (or, as Mattel has promised, more shipments of the wave may hit, particularly at Wal-Mart).

Now, as for the collectors who, like me, are going crazy with the wait for DCUC3…

I was too young to really be aware of how toys were released back in the 1980s. But a cursory look at the historical release lists for He-Man and G.I. Joe reveals I’m apparently a spoiled brat. The biggest year for new figure releases for the original He-Man line was 1984, when twelve new characters were made. Counting vehicle drivers, the debut year of G.I. Joe: RAH featured fifteen unique figures. There were a mere eight figures in the first year of Kenner’s Super Powers line, followed by fifteen the next year and ten the final year.

Since December, we’ve seen twelve figures in the DCUC line. While the availability of these (particularly DCUC2) is definitely a problem, I think complaints about lateness are a bit unfair. If Mattel manages to get out even four waves this year (rather than the planned six), that will be twenty-four unique figures (not counting variants) in a single year–four of them BAFs. Twenty-five if you count Lobo!

That’s pretty good for a mass market line. It will be interesting to see, at the end of the year, the final counts for original DCUC/Marvel Legends figures in 2008. I’ll revisit the topic then.

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  • Its probably pretty common knowledge by now that Walmart and Target beat the pants off ToysRUs for getting action figures (LCBH, MLs, DCUC, StarWars, GIJoeTFAC, etc., etc.) in stock and in decent re-stocking numbers to stay ahead of the ebay scalpers. I've pretty much abandoned TRU in favor of online pre-orders; otherwise I too would be going nuts. And shaming myself by over-visiting Walmart: the one near my house is a dump.

  • Wally world greatly increases my chances of toy-finding; there are four within driveable distance, as opposed to one Target and one TRU.

    I think the math I did on ML figs coming out this year came out to like 38, all in the second half of the year, and not counting BAFs. We'll see how that holds up.

  • At my work, I'm within spitting distance of a Wal-mart and a Target, neither of whom have gotten DCUC 2. Weird. The Comic Book Shop and the Toys'r Us ten miles away both have, so I've been getting them piecemeal.

    Oh, and I was racking my skull trying to figure out why I recognized Mr. Freeze's new gun in the picture up there, until my subconscious pulled it out.

  • I got my DCUC wave 1 from BBTS. My wave 2 set is sat in their warehouse, as I planned on getting it shipped out with wave 3 to save money on postage(I live in the UK and it works out cheaper this way). I'm really eager for wave 3 to hit as I've been dying to get my hands on my set of wave 2 for ages!!

    I think in future though, I'll just get each wave sent out once they get it in, cos waiting around like this is too annoying.

  • Well I'm getting the "Hook Up" on Harley Quinn so I can actually own the one I wanted out of wave 2 now, so now I just need to get a paycheck or 2 in by the time DCUC 3 hits and I'll snag my Deathstroke, Nightwing, Robin, and Hal Jordan.