SDCC 2008 Preview Night

Just a few comments on what came out of last night’s SDCC preview.

Mattel’s keeping most of their stuff under wraps (except for a few sightings of DC Infinite Heroes) until their panels on Friday, but they seem to be the exception–most companies had plenty of their new wares on display. One thing I did discover–apparently there’s a clear variant of King Grayskull. And here’s a look at the production figure.

Incidentally, is now live (well, with a preview page). You can make out some of the exclusives behind the Jughead-like Matty character. I’m really hoping Mattel ran this by Archie Comics first, given that company’s infamous habit of suing at the slightest provocation. (Note: the site seems to be going on- and offline like a yo-yo. No idea why. Keep trying and you’ll get through.)

I’m excited to see these guys. Looks like we’re getting a Foot Ninja, a UTROM (who I almost predicted in my previous post), SHREDDER!!! and a Foot Elite Guard.

Glancing at NECA’s videogame wares (including the protagonist from Prototype), I noticed in the corner some wee figures of Raving Rabbids! Here’s hoping for a three-pack with tons of accessories (I suppose Rayman would probably be in there too).

Pete will have an update on all the newly-revealed Hasbro Marvel goodies later today. The Mattel DC Comics panel is at 11am PDT tomorrow.


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  • Whoa. I guess the clear "Spirit of Grayskull" is a single-figure raffle–meaning exactly one person will leave SDCC with it in their hands. Everyone else gets regular/bronze King Grayskulls.

    Good thing I don't care for clear variants…

  • I both love and hate that kind of exclusive. Mostly hate, because I'll never be cool enough to own a one-of-a-kind figure (which I would totally open, by the way).

  • Mattel making a KB exclusive sucks. I didn't even know that store still exited.

    I really do hate these store exclusives when they can't even bring out products on a consistent basis at Target or TRUS.

    All that's there are a ton of wave 1.

    KB???? hah! Next thing u know they'll be a best buy exclusive!

    BTW!!!!!! Waited in line 5 hours for LOBO!

    Figure is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously? You had to wait in line for five hours to get a Lobo?

    I've got to talk to my SDCC contact…I don't want him spending that much time in line if he doesn't have to…I'll just order it off their website.

  • Yup I did….was pretty insane. I saw the worst of ppl just for toys.

    They were yelling at mattel….some were yelling at each other…I was like….ooooookay, you guys are pretty psychotic.

    As for the figure, after a few hours with the other guys on my shelf…he just doesn't fit the rest of the colorful guys of the DCUC.

    He looks like a Hell's Angels guy next to aquman and the rest of the guy. It's a weird sight.

    Articulation sucks…figure's hindered by this belt. Red tip of gun looks wierd. Figure is just a black and white figure…stands out of place with there colorful colors.

    I didn't like the sculpt of dawg as much as the DC Direct version as well.

    Lastly, no bike….what's a hell's angel without his bike? It goes with his "biker" outfit. Hopefully, there's an online mattel exclusive but even then the figure looks out of place.

  • i think theyre gonna make it an online exclusive like the bat-pod.

    also, he's supposed to look like a hells angel's kinda.