SDCC Predictions

I thought it might be fun to toss out some predictions as to what new revelations we’ll see, toy-wise, at SDCC.

Here are a few of my predictions:

  • DC Universe Classics – I expect the wave six line-up rumored in my earlier post will prove accurate, with Kalibak as the BAF. For wave seven, I’m picking the following names completely out of the blue: The Flash (Wally West, w/ Prof. Zoom variant), Deadshot, Batman (modern), Captain Cold, Raven, Brown Man-Bat BAF. exclusive: The Question
  • Movie MastersDark Knight Two-Face, DK Commissioner Gordon, Keaton Batman and Nicholson Joker. exclusive: Movie Master Batpod
  • NECA Ninja Turtles – Foot Ninja, Shredder, April w/ opening-mouth Mousers, Triceraton

I don’t know enough about G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends, Transformers and such forth for guesses on those, so feel free to throw some predictions in the thread below.

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  • It'd be pretty creepy if every single one of your predictions came true. lol

    SDCC tomorrow morning for me!!!!!!!!! LOBO here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good call on the Movie Master Batpod. Though we're still missing a modern Batman for the DCUC line. Feels strange to soon have a Nightwing and Robin without a Batman to really go with 'em.

  • …but the DCSH Batman (any version) goes with them perfectly.


    Over the weekend I painted my Hush Batman's head black and swapped it onto my DCSH8 Batman. I think it looks even better now. I'll take some pics tonight.