5 Questions With > Monte of Geek Creek

Codename: Monte
Specialty: Educator. Father. Amateur Photographer. Geek.
Base of Operations: Geek Creek
In the early ’90s, Monte Williams sold all his G.I. Joe toys to his uncle Ronnie for twenty bucks, so he could drop acid with his best friend, Poptart. Today, he is a columnist for Popmatters.com, a hopeless Sigma 6 nerd, and arguably the only Atheist teacher in all of Idaho.

POE: First off, let’s establish some groundwork. What was the heyday of your childhood toy collecting–i.e., what were your favorite toy lines as a youth?

Like you, Poe, I was a child of the ’80s, and so my favorite toys should surprise no one: G.I. Joe (A Real American Hero), Transformers (I liked Go-Bots, too; their corniness was part of their charm), Thundercats, Masters of the Universe… The heavy hitters, basically, but supplemented with obligatory weirdness like Inhumanoids, Centurions, M.U.S.C.L.E. Things, Rock Lords…

The last series of toys that I became obsessed with before temporarily “outgrowing” toys altogether was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Indeed, I blame that property for all my eccentric personality defects; a lawsuit is in the works.

I guess the only really notable quirks of my childhood toymania are that I was never a Star Wars enthusiast, and I really loved me some Marshall Bravestarr. Continue reading “5 Questions With > Monte of Geek Creek”

Odds ‘n Ends > Fire Walk With Me

ODD: As you may have noticed, we’ve made some changes to the site. For one, The Toybox is gone as a menu item. RK and I were just having too much difficulty keeping up with it; however, fear not, for we have other plans in store (particularly for October…) RK also whipped up that new menu image next to Poe’s Point–an “Alien Demon” from the old Blackstar toy line from the 1980s (more on that in a few weeks).

END: As of last week, I’ve got a brand-new home PC. It’s a Dell 530s, with a 22″ widescreen monitor. It’s amazing how much more defined and vibrant PGPoA is when your monitor isn’t six years old. Any recommendations for PC games? I’m thinking I might try Diablo III when it hits. I was addicted to the original Diablo for about three months straight, from June through August 1997. Then I was never able to play it again… Continue reading “Odds ‘n Ends > Fire Walk With Me”

Poe’s Figure Hall of Fame > Brown Costume Wolverine

NOTE: Originally published , in a longer format, by OAFE on 10/5/04.

This is the second time I’ve re-used this article for another blog. What can I say–it’s my masterpiece of toy reviewing, and fortunately, it also makes a dandy “Hall of Fame” entry.

I can trace my awareness of the X-Men comics—and by extension, the mutant superhero called Wolverine—to its original source: an advertisement in the back of a comic book. The ad featured a “cool” kid—you knew he was cool because he was wearing a denim jacket and sunglasses—holding some X-Men trading cards, I believe. Far more effective than the kid himself was the tagline above him: “It’s a good bet the kid’s favorite MUTANTS ain’t TURTLES.”

X marks the spot

Now, at the time, I was a hardcore acolyte of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fad. However, I was also dimly aware that the Turtles—with their cartoony, anthropomorphic toy line and surfer-lite catchphrases—were perhaps targeted toward an audience that was a bit younger than I was at the time.

Thus, this sunglasses-wearing kid threatened me. The ad tapped the core of my adolescent insecurity—dear God, was I worshiping the wrong mutants? While I would say advertisements have never worked particularly well on me (the only thing ads have ever done for me is made me aware of when things I might want, such as new action figures or films, will be available), this one, I have to admit, succeeded in spectacular fashion.
Continue reading “Poe’s Figure Hall of Fame > Brown Costume Wolverine”

It Figures > DC Universe Classics Wave 3

Poe here with another installment of It Figures! By popular demand, as determined by a reader poll, my guests today are the six members of DC Universe Classics Wave 3–namely, Robin, Nightwing, Deathstroke the Terminator, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and last but certainly not least, the vegetative zombie known as Solomon Grundy. Welcome, all!

Robin: Thanks for having us, Poe. This is pretty cool.

Nightwing: Yeah, this is neat. I’ve never had Thai food before.

Sinestro: I specifically requested not to be seated next to Jordan. It was a rider on my contract! A rider!

Hal Jordan: Oh, let it go, Sin-bad. By the way, the Leader called. He wants his fivehead back.

Sinestro: How dare you–! Continue reading “It Figures > DC Universe Classics Wave 3”

Hark, Knight

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve yet to be completely satisfied with a Batman action figure. I may never be. But that didn’t stop me from trying to make one.

I bought the Toys R’ Us exclusive Batman and Robin set months ago. I liked the figure’s more slender build and the color scheme (dark gray with black highlights), as well as his hands, which could hold a batarang quite easily. But the figure had a few things I didn’t like: a cloth cape, a lack of a ball-jointed head, and no hinged hips or thigh swivels. Continue reading “Hark, Knight”

Odds ‘n Ends > A New Beginning

ODD: Well, it seems most of you want the next installment of “It Figures” to feature DCUC Wave 3. Which means a lot of writing for me. I had my fingers crossed for the Mousers exclusive….all right, DCUC3 it is. I’d better start writing now.

END: After weeks of seeing nothing but Movie Master Batman Begins and Scarecrows on the shelves, I finally found some Dark Knight Batmans and Jokers at Wal-Mart over the weekend. I picked up one of each for some friends and only just this minute realized I should have picked up an extra Joker and raffled him off here. Dammit! Continue reading “Odds ‘n Ends > A New Beginning”

Poe’s Point > Top Five Most Wanted MOTU Classics

We all know Mattel intends to make the “original eight” characters for their new Masters of the Universe Classics line: He-Man, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Mer-Man, Stratos, and Zodac. With He-Man going on sale in October, that gets us through May 2009, assuming we don’t get any non-original-eight figures before that. There are some other characters who are gimmes too–like Trap-Jaw and Evil-Lyn.

But after that, the field is wide open. According to Mattel and the Four Horsemen, they can make any character from any incarnation of MOTU (including the New Adventures of He-Man).

Here are my top five most wanted MOTUC figures. Continue reading “Poe’s Point > Top Five Most Wanted MOTU Classics”

Ask Mattel > August 15

We’re back with another round of questions with Mattel’s “ToyGuru,” Scott Neitlich!

PG: The classic-suit, be-mulleted Superman in DCUC Wave Six looks great. Given that the Eradicator figure in Wave Five has a classic-looking Supes head, is it possible we’ll see a new classic Superman with the short-hair look–perhaps as a Mattycollector.com exclusive?

SN: Definitely something we are looking into.

With the DCUC case packs moving up from six figures to ten per case, will there be a greater likelihood that by ordering a case, collectors will be able to get all the variants in a given wave?

The variants will continue to be chase figures.  The extra spots in the case packs will be filled with All Star figures on re-released cards such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Batman. Our goal is to keep new figures coming for collectors while having the big 7 at retail for the casual buyer or the “Mom” purchase.

When will the Movie Master Batpod ship to Target?

It should be on shelf now.

As of right now, does Mattel have any set plans for Movie Masters beyond the Nolan Batman films?

Nothing to announce quite yet but we have big plans in the works.

Any possibility of a Mattycollector.com exclusive space-motorcycle for Lobo?

Not at this time.