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Okay, everyone’s probably said a million times over what they loved about The Dark Knight. What didn’t you like? Have any half-baked theories about the next installment? Frustrations over DC’s failure to give other heroes the big-screen treatment?

Then, of course, tell us what your favorite moments were too. 😉

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  • Things I didn't like about Dark Knight:

    1. The sonar thing was dumb

    2. I lost my sense of disbelief when he dropped with Rachel in his arms for dozens of stories and lived.

    3. Rachel was really really ugly in this one.

    4. The bullet detection thing seemed tacked on.

    5. Gotham City no longer has any sense of uniqueness to it. It's Chicago plain and simple.

  • I agree with Paul's #2 and #5 points.

    I also felt the Hong Kong businessman was just tacked on to the story. The could have taken him right out and trimmed up the movie a little.

    I loved the pencil trick. What an entrance!

  • the picture worth a thousans words. hellboy 2 was a disappointment. but other than that, hulk & iron man delivered big time. dark knight was cool, BUT:

    1. give us an intermission (break time.) the movie is loong.

    2. we didn't need the voting to bomb the other ferry scene. way too loong.

    3. two face didn't need to borrow tommy lee jone's suit. a regular suit would have done better.

    4. i thought rachel was the new clayface. come on, katie (crooked mouth) holmes to crooked face gylenhaal?

    5. no chrome for the lambrogini? those rims looked like it had spare tires on.

    6. enough with the gravelly voice. bruce is going to hurt his vocal chords that way.

    7. the sonar thing was too x-men. bats doesn't use a bullet repelling magnetic shield in gotham knights, but is cool with spying on people with their own cell phones?

    8. the first batsuit was good for the first movie, but turned to aluminum foil in the second movie. remember Bruce, 'less is more.'

    9. not enough movie masters figures. mattel, ditch the movie masks, kiddie gauntlets, capes. its not halloween. mattel, send reps to the local walmart, and see all the fruit pebble 5" figure line clogging the shelves, and what is missing; movie masters. poor product emphasis. the movie has made over $319,000,000,000,000 kazillion; fork out for a few decent 6" figures.

  • I really don't see why Batman needed to take the rap for the killings Two Face did, you could have so easily blamed it on the Joker or one of his goons. Batman and Gordon leading the police and the public to think Batman s a killer is stupid and unnecessary.

    How are they gonna right that in the next one, suddenly decide that it's ok to let the public know it was someone called Two Face that was responsible, but that he died?

  • I really liked the ferry scense, but it felt like that whole section of the film belonged in an episode of the Twilight Zone or something. And not one of the half hour episodes either, the hour long ones were they really pad it out.

    As far as the Hong Kong thing, it was nice to see Batman go out of his element for a little while. I wish I could have seen him do the Halo parachute drop in a modified Bat suit though.

  • 1) Paul needs to stop being such a whore. :p

    2) I <3 Paul.

    3) So far each Nolanverse bat film has one major scifi themed device reminding you its a comicbook film. The Microwave Emitter used by the League of Shadows and now Bat's Sprint-Vision.

    4) For being an incredibly dark film I get an 80's nostalgia from seeing the toys on shelves. Robocop, Rambo, etc all had toys and were DEFINTELY not for childrens.

    5) What I don't like has nothing to do with TDK, what I don't like is hearing Nolan saying he doesn't want to deal with Catwoman. F' that, I want a goddamn Selina Kyle. Tight, liquid black, zipper and goggles Darwyn Cooke/Jim Lee Catwoman.

  • I wasn't sure about "character motivation".

    The hospital scene where The Joker convinces Harvey Dent, the devoted District Attorney whose fight for justice and law & order was first to only his emotional relationship with his main "squeeze",

    to go "rogue"… AND NOT SHOOT THE GUY WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF HIS GIRLFRIEND — was a bit hard for me to "buy".

    I would have shot him(The Joker) right in the head.

    (No matter how much pain I was in… or how my face looked. Here was the guy that did it ALL to me. I would have pulled the trigger without much thought.)

    ((I had an inner ear infection so maybe I missed something.))

  • The movie seemed a little "long" to me.

    and The Joker had a little too much dynamite…

    Didn't The Batman finish the "capture" scene by Gordon on his back, unconscious,…what happened????

  • I kind of agree with the motivation thing. You'd think he'd kill off the joker and then move onto everyone else that screwed him.

  • Yeah, but that's 2Face for ya. Everyone gets a chance. A flip of the coin. That's what controls him. Besides, seeing Joker stumble out of the hospital in that nurse uniform while the building was blowing up was one of my favorite scenes and if Harvey popped him we wouldn't have gotten that 😉

  • "1. give us an intermission (break time.) the movie is loong."

    Believe it or not, plain_sliced, there WAS an intermission when I saw it opening day in Twin Falls, Idaho.

    Stranger still? I saw it in the same theater a couple weeks later: no intermission.

  • 1. Batman's voice

    2. Electric Batsuit

    3. Paul's #2

    4. Not enough Tumbler

    5. The run-away seq at the end of movie..Each time I watched it(5 times), reminded me of Joel's Batman movies..dunno why