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We’re back with another round of questions with Mattel’s “ToyGuru,” Scott Neitlich!

PG: The classic-suit, be-mulleted Superman in DCUC Wave Six looks great. Given that the Eradicator figure in Wave Five has a classic-looking Supes head, is it possible we’ll see a new classic Superman with the short-hair look–perhaps as a exclusive?

SN: Definitely something we are looking into.

With the DCUC case packs moving up from six figures to ten per case, will there be a greater likelihood that by ordering a case, collectors will be able to get all the variants in a given wave?

The variants will continue to be chase figures.  The extra spots in the case packs will be filled with All Star figures on re-released cards such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Batman. Our goal is to keep new figures coming for collectors while having the big 7 at retail for the casual buyer or the “Mom” purchase.

When will the Movie Master Batpod ship to Target?

It should be on shelf now.

As of right now, does Mattel have any set plans for Movie Masters beyond the Nolan Batman films?

Nothing to announce quite yet but we have big plans in the works.

Any possibility of a exclusive space-motorcycle for Lobo?

Not at this time.

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  • Well, the new case packs are starting with series 7, Right? She'll be out by then.

  • The extra figs in the case are for retail, to keep the "Big 7" on the pegs where Moms will see them and keep buying them. I'm hoping that Mattel will make wave-only cases available to online retailers so we don't have to buy the "All Stars" every time.

  • Andy,

    Yeah, I think you're right. I'm hoping that Mattel will make "wave-only" cases available to the online retailers with the main figures plus the variants… so that we don't have to buy the "All-Stars" every time, too.

    I'm impressed with Green Lantern, Batman, and (will be with) Wonder Woman… but I don't need six of each of them.

    What are they thinking.???? Are they trying to … what???

  • Hey Poe for the next batch of questions could you ask Toy Guru if they plan on making a Dick Grasyson Robin and a joker for DCUC? Please?

  • @Eric: I have to submit questions the day the answers for the previous one come out, so I've already submitted them for the next round, but I'll ask the Robin question for the one after that (the round of questions that will come out September 15).

    I already asked the Joker question, and the answer was yes, it's very likely he'll get a new DCUC figure.

  • Thanks Poe and that's cool about a new Joker coming out. I think it'll be cool if he came with that green mallet(like the super powers one did).

  • the Target-exclusive Movie Masters Batpod "should be on shelf now"? i've been to a number of Targets in my area regularly in search of the elusive Fear Toxin Batman chase figure and haven't seen a single MM Batpod at any of them, nor have i seen any spots on the shelves where they could have been. they aren't even on eBay!