Everybody into the Pool – DCUC Wave 4

(NOTE: Contest is now closed. Good luck all!) You know the rules by now – you pick a day, post it in a comment below, and if my case of DCUC Wave 4 arrives on that day (or closest to your chosen day), you win the extra figure. It looks like this time it will […]

The Original Terminator

Just wanted to highlight this photo I took, which I’m pretty pleased with (though I may re-stage it, with darker lighting and maybe some background to give it a context). I remember Deathstroke’s solo title came out around 1991 when I was obsessed with Terminator 2. DC made sure to push that “Deathstroke the Terminator” […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Better Late than Never (Updated)

ODD: Sorry for the late O&E–believe it or not, I clean forgot about it this week until after I’d spent two hours working on the King Grayskull review. Speaking of which, that seems to have gone over well, so I think I’ll make the “It Figures” a regular weekly feature (probably on Thursdays). I’ll keep […]

It Figures > King Grayskull

My guest today is one King Grayskull, ancestor of Prince Adam (a.k.a He-Man, though you didn’t hear it from me) and the very first figure from Mattel’s new Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) line. Thanks for being here, Your Highness. Thanks for having me, Poe. So tell me a little about yourself. Who is […]

Poe Gets Married

I’m back! Wow, so much has happened since my last post. I got Lobo, King Grayskull, DCUC Wave 3, a new computer, and oh, I got married, too. I’ll get to all that other stuff later in the week–today is the official post-wedding post.


It amuses me to have such a portentous title about, well, really nothing. Sideshow has listed Medicom’s RAH DBZ Piccolo up for sale. As a closet DBZ fan (shutup), I gotta say…he looks cool. Really cool. I wish there were a line of 6″ scale DBZ figures with ML or DCUC level articulation. SOTA would […]

Inadvertently Inappropriate > The Top 5 Mind-Scarringly Bad Toys

So Poe and I were chatting online last Wednesday night, and somehow the topic of discussion turned to hilariously inappropriate toys. I say, “We should do a write-up on this…a top ten or something.” Poe says, “Go for it.” So I did. I present the top five mass-market toys that should probably never reach a […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Fievel Goes West

Odd: Pictures of Hasbro’s new Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ line are up at Action-Figure.com. While I doubt I’ll be collecting the line personally, having exactly zero figures in that scale, I’m pretty impressed by the quality. That they stand head and shoulders above Mattel’s Infinite Heroes in sculpt and articulation is obvious, but from the […]

All Part of the Plan > Spoiler-iffic Dark Knight Discussion

Okay, everyone’s probably said a million times over what they loved about The Dark Knight. What didn’t you like? Have any half-baked theories about the next installment? Frustrations over DC’s failure to give other heroes the big-screen treatment? Then, of course, tell us what your favorite moments were too. 😉

Sonic BOOM

Ever the diligent blogger that he is, Poe shot me an email from his wedding vacation this morning asking me to share the following message from Corner Store Comics with you: Just a friendly reminder that our huge SOTA Street Fighter is currently scheduled to kick off on Saturday morning (August 2nd) at approximately 10am […]