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We all know Mattel intends to make the “original eight” characters for their new Masters of the Universe Classics line: He-Man, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Mer-Man, Stratos, and Zodac. With He-Man going on sale in October, that gets us through May 2009, assuming we don’t get any non-original-eight figures before that. There are some other characters who are gimmes too–like Trap-Jaw and Evil-Lyn.

But after that, the field is wide open. According to Mattel and the Four Horsemen, they can make any character from any incarnation of MOTU (including the New Adventures of He-Man).

Here are my top five most wanted MOTUC figures.

5.) Optikk – This is the only character from The New Adventures of He-Man that you’re going to see on this list. I’m pretty sure he was also the only figure I owned from that line…anyway, he’s awesome. Who doesn’t love a guy in a bronze spacesuit with one gigantic eyeball for a head? The eye could be move via a dial on the back of the toy, though I would certainly hope the Horsemen would give us a ball-and-socket joint in a potential MOTUC figure. He had a cool gun, too, and thanks to his relatively normal proportions (compared to the original He-Man figures), I often used him as a villain in other toy lines, like Ninja Turtles.

While New Adventures remains the black sheep of the MOTU family, I think it deserves at least one representative, and Optikk is the best of the line.

4.) Spikor – A bit of a dark horse candidate here, Spikor was another figure I was always very fond of, yet doesn’t seem to get a whole lot of love from fans. I think the Horsemen would have a blast sculpting him, though, particularly since he was never made in the 2002 or the “Staction” series. With his spikes and his extending trident arm, he’d make for an excellent action figure.

3.) Faker – Oh come on, you know we’re going to get a Faker. And you know you want him. I have no idea why this evil blue He-Man was so appealing as a kid, but I loved him, and I can’t wait for the inevitable exclusive (probably a convention exclusive, I’d imagine). Incidentally, Faker gets a lot of flack for how he could never pass for He-Man, but I as a kid I thought of him more as a Bizarro He-Man than an evil identical twin.

I hope Faker comes with a little bit of sculpted mechanical hardware on his chest–or at least a sticker. Even better would be an alternate head with Terminator-style battle damage, with the robot face showing beneath torn skin.

2.) Leech – Again, this guy got a Staction, but what I want is a hulking action figure. Leech was my favorite bad guy figure after Skeletor when I was a kid. Ostensibly, his gimmick was that he sucked blood, although he really had were suction cups for his mouth and hands. Still, he looked pretty scary–his mouth resembles that of a lamprey, one of the most horrifying creatures in existence.

1.) Scare-Glow – I never owned Scare-Glow as a kid. Hardly anyone did, since he was released in 1987, long after He-Man’s heyday. (The writers of Ghostbusters II revealed themselves to be sadly out of touch when they wrote that He-Man joke into the 1989 movie–had they never heard of the Ninja Turtles?) But the fact that he was released in the twilight of He-Man’s popularity doesn’t mean he’s not badass.

Though it was once a point of debate, I’m convinced Scare-Glow’s original packaging description as the “Evil Ghost of Skeletor” only meant he was a ghost who worked for Skeletor, not the disembodied spirit of Skeletor himself. But it was the latter interpretation I’ve always found fascinating; I imagine He-Man destroying Skeletor’s body in an epic battle, but Skeletor returning as this Grim Reaper-like being with a new name–perhaps to haunt He-Man, or torment Hordak.

There are two ways Mattel could do a MOTUC Scareglow. One would be to do what the original was–a glow-in-the-dark repaint of Skeletor with a new head, weapon, and cape. But here’s my suggestion. Mattel and the Horsemen should take the Skeletor sculpt and rotocast it in clear plastic, making it hollow. Then, inside the body, they add a glow-in-the-dark skeleton. It would require enough work and tooling that it would probably have to be an SDCC exclusive, but c’mon, how cool would that be?

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  • Very cool list – obviously i'd far rather see these guys in the '02 aesthetic but Optikk and Scare-Glow look cool enough to be awesome in any format.

    And by the way, you pretty much nailed why this line and mattycollector bothers me with:

    "It would require enough work and tooling that it would probably have to be an SDCC exclusive"

    A business model where money/effort is put into the limited exclusives than the actual line – which is designed to fleece nostalgic collectors. Yeah – I said it.

  • Excellent choices, man. Not least 'cause I never had a single one of them when I was a kid. Hell, I never even heard of Optikk, though objectively speaking he's much cooler than most of my favorites from the original series.

    Ultimately, I gotta say again that only super-articulated versions of the 2002 style would earn my money, but posts like this are still fun on a speculative level.

  • Horde Trooper – Pretty much speaks for itself

    King Hiss – Granted he got a new treatment in '02, I was never a huge fan of the new look. I think a Classics take on this character wold be awesome!

    Trap Jaw – This is sort of a given that he'll be made if this line continues. I just want to chime in that I hope they offer more attachments for his arm similar to the ones seen in the cartoon, besides the usual hook, chompers and ray gun.

    Saurod and Blade from the motion picture would also be welcome additions!

  • Deffinently want Spikor and Extendar. Those two are my top wants. Here are my top 5 I waould like to be made, there is a lot of otheres but I would be happy with these.




    The Sorceress


    The new adventures was kind of cool, not as cool as original but…, it had a really good comic series here in the UK, and some of the figures where really cool, He-Man, Skeletor, Slush-head, Hoove, Brakk, Flipshot, Hydron and Artila, Optick, Sagitar, Lizor, and Tuskador. I think the Horsemen would do an excellent job on these.

  • @ MArk – I'm with you on Extendar, I loved him! (not like there was one I didn't like… but you get the drift).

    Slush-head would be a great New Adventures addition. Another one, I'd love to see a Disk of Doom Skeletor. I liked that version of NA Skelly more than the one that first appeared in the series. I always wanted that figure, but alas, never got him. Looking at it now, its not a very good one to begin with.


  • Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a Scareglow. I loved him, because I pretended he was a tougher bad guy than Skeletor.

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  • I would like if they made Extendar more like he was in the mini-comic, he looked amazing. Disk of doom Skeletor is cool, but I liked the first outfit from NA, perhasps they could include the Disk of Doom armour with a NA Skelly that could clip on.

  • You know who else I'd like–and who we'll probably get? Prince Adam. I was always really fond of that figure. He'd just be a repaint with, hopefully, a flexible plastic vest.

  • Poe, it would deffinently be cool. I liked Prince Adam as well. Can't wait for Teela and Evil Lyn. Hope they take a good bit of the 2002 Teela into account. Still wish Skeletor would have a cloth cloak.

  • If they could pull it off, I'd love to see a Modulok. I used to have one and that thing was pure plastic awesome. Interchangeable parts ftw.

  • Modulok would deffinently e cool, he has a lot of potential for an excellent sculpt.

  • Great suggestions all…

    My personal picks would be:

    Trap Jaw
    Clawful…he was always my favorite!