Lego Batman

I’ve been running a bit short on toy-related topics recently (the oft-mentioned backlog of posts that I have require a significant amount of writing and photo-taking, and so I’ve been a bit lazy about getting to them), so instead, today you get a review of a toy-related videogame. Like most kids for decades now, I […]

Review > Castle Crashers Blue Knight

I mentioned I’d been enjoying the Xbox Live Arcade game Castle Crashers in an earlier post. It’s an old-school scrolling beat-em-up in the tradition of the Konami-era arcade classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men and The Simpsons. If you own an Xbox and have a Live account, you can download the game for about […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Ecks vs. Sever

ODD: Apologies for the lack of an update yesterday. I had jury duty, or rather, I sat around for hours and then was sent home. I swear I do have a backlog of ideas for entries, but a rather sudden rush of other toy-related assignments has distracted me. END: I won’t get into why–it’s a […]

Review > Skeleflex Skullkor

First off, allow me to give credit where it’s due: I first read about Skeleflex in a post by edcomics over at the FANtastic Forum. Manufactured by Wild Planet Toys, they’ve only recently arrived in stores. What is Skeleflex? Here’s the rundown the official website: Skeleflex is a creative ball-and-socket building system that puts kids […]