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Want to win some Z.O.M.B.I.E.s?

October Toys and Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation present the first annual PGPoA Halloween Sweepstakes!

GRAND PRIZE: One grand prize winner will receive set of four (4) Z.O.M.B.I.E. packs in toxic green, pale blue, white, and glow-in-the-dark, as well as a set of Z.O.M.B.I.E. art cards

RUNNER-UP: Four runners-up will each receive one (1) random-color pack of Z.O.M.B.I.E.S.

HOW TO WIN: In fifty zombie-language words or less, post a comment below explaining why you love zombies. Here’s an example: “Graarggh mrawwwlll snrrrrrgh.” (OK, I kid. The winners will be selected at random from those who comment–but you’ll amuse me and everyone else by doing the zombie-language thing.) Be sure to use an email address you can be reached at when filling out the comment form! It won’t be visible to anyone but me, but I’ll need it to contact you if you win.

LEGAL STUFF: The contest is not open to staff and contributors of October Toys and PGPoA. Contest ends on October 31, 2008. Winners will be selected on November 1 and will be notified by November 7, 2008. If any winner does not respond by the end of the day on November 7, another winner will be selected in their place.

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  • I love zombies because they allow me to shoot people without really shooting people. Kinda like a giant video game. And they're the greatest movie monster because the greatest enemy of the zombie is a ladder. All you need is a ladder and you can safely escape any zombie assault.

  • I like brains. Brains brains brains. Tiny Fey looks smart. She make good zombie. Why Matt start talk like Bizarro? Me am no Bizarro. Me am Grimlock! Grimlock have no brains, so Grimlock am zombie?

  • Brains? Brains? Brains? Oh crap… they went up a ladder. oh well. I think I heard a dog barking down the alley. Dog brains? Dog brains?

  • Free zombie figures? And free zombie figures based on MIMP and MUSCLE?? Awesome…

    Now, let me persuade you to give them to me…

    Zombies rule… They're like hobo Vampires. They can both turn you with a single bite. Yup, just like Vampires… But better. They don't need no stinkin' fangs to gnaw on a human's neck… Hell, they'd gnaw away at you with their decaying gums. AWESOME!!!

    Clothes? Pffft, who needs em? All your dirty bits decay and fall off when you're a zombie. Sweeeeeet. None of this "cape and collar" nonsense. If a Zombie wants to be naked while he chews on someone's limb, none of his fellow zombies are gonna care. Hell, they might join him in all their naked decaying glory.

    Decaying is also good for your figure… Yes, I'm looking at you fiiiine Zombie Ladies… GWRAAAAWWWR!!!

    Sure… I guess it would be cool to fly… But it's much cooler to go outside during the day… Vampire's can't… Who's the hobo Vampire now Vampires? You are… That's right… It's called a tan… Get one. If a Zombie is trying to impress another, he can go to a tanning salon and stay there for days… What's cancer? That's what a Zombie asks. Don't forget those tan lines! And Zombies don't even need to sleep… If they wanted to they could kill you in your sleep Vampires… But they're too busy at their 24 hour ravers… Yup… Zombies have waaaay better parties than Vampires… True.

    And screw just drinking blood… Zombies have a much more varied diet… Including, but not limited to, rats, dogs, cats, pigeons and basically anything else that's alive, meaty and terrified. What a life they lead. Hell, they can eat raw chicken without fear of salmanila. LUCKY!!!!!

    Forget everything you've heard about Zombies being dead. Sounds to me like you havn't lived until you're a Zombie. Sign me up!!!

    I hope I've persuaded you to give me your little rubbery Zombie children, and in turn hope I've persuaded you to want to become a Zombie(Hobo Vampire) aswell… You won't regret it(Either decision)


  • i really don't understand why people fear us so much, i mean, we are, um….errrr….gaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr, braaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnssssss….

  • Ggrrhh,aamm Naamm es “Cockeyed Jo Jumbledguts”. Luungg tymmee rraazzaaneerr, aannaa tymmee caalleerr. Weethh uull doo reespeeceed aamm fineed thheezzee toyzz touu beehh veerriee ohhfeenceeivee touu mmee peephol. “Post-Mortal-Trauma” disorreedeerr ees aahh veerriee rrhheel prroblobhheemm phhaachhinngg mmeeniee hrraanzz. Aanaa aamm wood lick touu staarrt byee saayeeinngg daat dee worrdee "Zombie" ees veerrieeohhfeenceeivee, ee prreephheerr "Life-Disabled". Seekondliee dee eeyeedieeaa ovee mmaakiingg toyzz feerr chhilldrrhheen thhaat mmockk aahh veerriee rhheel condishhuun ees juusst nuut raaghhht. U wood nuut geevee youurree chhilldrrhheen aahh baagg of shhmmeell plaastic aalcohholics wood uu? Aarraa little ggreen aarrmmaahh diaabeetics. daat wood shhimmpliee beehh sochhaally ARRRRR!!!! Nouuhh duunt ggrreet mmee wrruungg, eyee duunt waannt taa shhouund uull phgrreeachhiee. Eyee am ah rhegoolarr guyi likee u. Eyee luvvee de tastee ovh me faammiliee, Eyee aatteennd baarraahhaahhbaarrn eevvrriee Shhuundaaiee mmhhorrningg eend eyee eenjoi waatceen dee lochhaal sborrts teemm. Baarraa suummtingg mmuust bhh duunee touu sthuup dee hhaatee. Eyee uund mme uutteerr “Life-disaableed” phhrreennds uurrggee uu touu boychhott hhuurrtphhil phhilmms Suuchh aas “28 Weeks Later”, “Dawn of the Dead” uund dee syndicaateed TeeVee prroghrraamm, “Desperate Housewives”. eef whhee uull cuummee toggeethheerr whhee caan figghht banaabranz wit uundeerrstaanding feerr aahh bhheetteerr zahmarrah. Zangz uu feerr uurr tymmee, I weshh uu uull dee bheest ovhh luuck uunnd mmaay ggaaz bhee wit uull ovhh uu.

  • uhhhhhh, errrrrrr, ahhhhhhh, count me in! Ive been toying with the idea of buying a set of these since you posted about them a few weeks back. I just haven’t talked myself into pulling the trigger. Great contest Poe and thanks October Toys!

    By the way, I love the dirt washed look that they did and have on display at some Cons….I think they said Matt from Onell toys did the wash.

    Ok…..the talk of the wash made me decide to find the link for the pic. Here it is…..


  • Who doesn't love zombies? Well, people who weren't loved as children, that's who… But zombies are the perfect monster… the undead army… the unstoppable force… where would Resident Evil be without 'em? Boring, that's where. Without Zombies who would Ash fight? (okay yeah I know that technically they're deadites, but just go with me here) Who would Ash fight? Maybe some unruly trees… But without zombies, Who, WHO would eat our nummy brains? That is what I ask…

    "BRIIAAAN! I Want Brian!"

    "(Caboose it's brains not Brian!)"

    "oop! sorry, I must have read the script wrong… moaning! MOANING!!"

  • urraaghumph… erraghhhh…

    and to quote the Misfits:

    "Brains for dinner

    Brains for lunch

    Brains for breakfast

    Brains for brunch

    Brains at every single meal why can't we have some guts

    Brains are all we ever get in this rotten f***in' place, hey hey

    Brains are all we ever get why can't we have a change of pace

    Brains for dinner

    brains for lunch

    Brains for breakfast

    Brains for brunch

    Brains at every single meal why can't we have some guts, hey hey

    Why can't we have some guts, hey hey

    Why can't we have some f***in' human guts, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey"

  • Zombies actually tend to be very well educated and quite articulate. As a card carrying member of Z.O.E.T.R.O.P.E (Zombies Opposed to Everything That Reinforces Ostracization and Prevents Empathy) I take umbrage with your stereotyping of the undead, good sir.

    Also, I want to win. And brains are yummy.

  • Zombie am democratic ideal. All zombie am equal. No head zombie. Vampire bite you, you vampire slave. Not zombie. Werewolf bite you, you all hairy. Not zombie. Godzilla bite you…something bad. Not zombie. Zombie goooooooood.

    Also, zombie believe education am the future. Wait, not education. Children's brains am future. Mmm…

  • I can't really explain why I like zombies. I've always been intrigued by the fact that something dead can re-animate and wreck such havoc on people/society.

    Now for the amusing part, the worst zombie joke I know.

    How do you know a zombie is tired?

    He's dead on his feet. (insert drum roll here)

  • I am a Zombie. Hath not a Zombie eyes? Hath not a Zombie hands, organs…. oh wait, most of those have fallen off. If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? Sure, all that pricking and laughing makes my entrails fall out, but thats not the point. And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? Our revenge just happens to be eating people, buts its still revenge.

    Oh, forget it. GGGGRRRR!!!!! BRAINSSSSS!!!!!

  • ZomBeeZ3 want Zombies! Mmm…Plastic Brains for Plastic Zombies.


  • ssssnia….rrrrrb ruuoy tae ooooooot tnaaawwwww i……….


  • Hi Poe, my name is Uwe Bo…Smith, yes Smith and I'm casting for my next big zombie movie based on a popular video game. These figures will really make this next project really pop. They really show great range and I can spend the 250.00 on the craft table for some really kickass special effects like in my last movie alone in the…well you might not have seen that one but believe me they'll really get put to some good use and I promise not to put them on ebay and sell them or anything. So my address is Uwe B..Smith, Hollywood, CA

  • Because you only have so many options when you're a necrophiliac. Grrrgghharrrr.

  • once upon a times! brains grrrr brains. red hood… tastey hood.. brains… chewing grawwwwwww!!!!

    WHOLE BOTTLE grrr…ALANTA! never …


  • Graaaar! Huraaaaargh! Braaaaugh, braurg grrrr RAAAAAAAAWRG! Braaaains? BRAAAAI….I can't keep doing this. We zombies are always misunderstood by the majority, but there are people who appreciate us for the decaying, flesh-eating citizens that we are. Sure, we may end up eating your loved ones if the hunger comes up, but come on! We're lovable, hard workers and surprisingly intelligent. Why do we growl? Well, if your rotting jaw was falling off, you would do nothing but growl and moan, too.

  • There's something simultaneously disturbing and awesome about these. Awesturbing, even.

  • I have an entire collection of little robots and little saints that I've crafted in to a game called "Holy Shit, Robots!". I'd rather call the game "Holy Shit, Robots and Zombies!" I mean, who wouldn't want to play a board game where Saints control zombies that fight robots.

  • Because Zombies are the pinnacle of horror movie cool. They can be killed, but swarm tactics make it unlikely you'll get to all of them. They could also very easily be the bodies of your dead loved ones, adding moments of hesitation you otherwise wouldn't have, and they have a clear motivation, BRAINS!!!!

  • I'm in the middle of a zombie movie marathon right now. I winnar! Happy Halloween.

  • I love zombies because they ate my neighbors. And I hated them. Plus zombies got Louisville nuked. VILLE REPRESENT! Gonna knock your block off!


    That actually says something….

    Pretty sure that isn't 50 words buuut…. Oh well(:

  • I Love Zombies! because they have so much more to them then what we see i.e. we will all be a zombie one day whether we like it or not, and they make the best type of horror movie EVER!!!