Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I are heading down to Mama and Papa Poe’s for the day. Enjoy your turkey or turducken or tofurkey or whatever your hilarious-sounding poultry alternative of choice is. And remember to, y’know, give thanks, too.

Pic of the day

battle by sasamaster Poe’s note: How old school–and yet awesome–can you get? Sasamaster has a whole set of great photos like this one.

DCUC5 has been found!

Call off the dogs! yo go re of OAFE has found me a set of DCUC5. It’s probably not possible for me to thank him enough, so instead, I urge you all to go to OAFE and click on all the sponsor links.

Pic of the day

50mm Prime by Steve Kay Poe’s note: “It was midnight. Drizzling. I was chasing down a lead in some filthy back alley of Iacon City. The ‘Con wasn’t talking, so I struck up a conversation with my fists.” –The Continental Optimus

Odds ‘n Ends

ODD: Not too much to discuss today…just trying to survive until the four-day weekend. Come this time next week, PGPoA–and the Poe household–will be in full holiday mode. END: The DCUC Toys ‘R Us two-packs have started to show up, which is just a bit earlier than I predicted (early December). The only set I’m […]

News round-up, 11/24/08

Diamond Comics will be offering pre-orders for sets of DCUC action figures, much like online retailers have been doing for months now. (Toynewsi) Better photos of Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave figure. I love how nerds are avoiding this “spoiler” like the plague. Look, it’s just a toy–it’s not going to give away the plot […]