My Name is Bruce

I managed to score tickets to a special engagement of My Name is Bruce last night (and brought special guests Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and Red Kryptonite, as well as one Seskatcheswan, a friend from high school). The showing was followed by a Q&A session with the Man Himself, Bruce Campbell.

The premise of the film is Bruce Campbell plays Bruce Campbell, a sort of alternate universe asshole/loser version of himself (a la Stephen Colbert). He’s still the star of the Evil Dead films, Army of Darkness and the epic fail Alien Apocalypse, but he’s divorced, a borderline alcoholic and living in a disgusting trailer. (On a side note: Alien Apocalypse was one of the first films Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I watched together. Yes, we both made fun of it the entire time, but how she managed to still take me seriously after I suggested we watch it is still beyond me. The mysteries of love I guess.)

Unfortunately, Bruce’s #1 fan (and that’s saying something) accidentally unleashes an ancient Chinese god of war in the podunk town of Goldlick, and the lad decides there’s only one man who can take out the warrior god: Bruce Campbell.

The movie’s a lot of fun–moreso than Campbell’s previous effort, The Man With The Screaming Brain–and it features tons of in-jokes for Campbell fans, including a few guest appearances by Campbell-based action figures such as Sideshow’s S-Mart Ash (“Don’t burn that! It’s a limited edition!”)

The Q&A session afterward was a riot, filled with Bruce’s self-deprecating humor and sarcastic banter with his obsessive fans, whom he clearly loves and is endlessly amused by. The Q&A featured a surprise appearance by Bruce’s lovely co-star, Grace Thorsen.

If you happen to live near one of the theaters on the MNIB tour–and are any sort of fan of Bruce, obsessive or otherwise–definitely check it out. And watch for the Ted Raimi cameo.


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  1. jimm

    None close enuff unfortunately

  2. dwaltrip

    This is showing 6 times here (Nov 21-23)in his hometowm of Royal Oak, MI…..its only about 5 minutes from my house, so I will be going for sure.

    A buddy and I went last time he was here for Bubba Ho-Tep and the Q&A was a great time.

  3. JPL

    I was lucky enough to attend the 7:30 show of this at the Kendall (and briefly hang out with Poe and company before the movie). Hunt this movie down if it is playing in your town. Lots of great lines in this movie that fans will be quoting in the near future. And Grace Thorsen is pretty easy on the eyes. šŸ™‚

  4. jimm

    Outstanding, can't wait to see it

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