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  • Sweeeeeeet! I love the accessories, esp. the Ash toy and the Confessions of a B-Movie Actor book!

    Not to be one of those guys who hears about something new and then immediately turns and wishes for something different, but it'd be sweet if they did something in line with the Big Lebowski "Urban Achievers" figures by Bif Bang Pow. Not that its really that important, I just think it'd be cool! And yes, I like to use the word cool… A LOT.

  • Hey Poe,

    Did Bruce do any signing at your showing? Im going this weekend and am trying to decide if I want to drag along my Sideshow S-Mart Ash to get signed.

    When he was here for Bubba-Ho-Tep, he did a signing after the Q&A. I am hoping he will do the same this time.

    Let me know….thanks!

  • I saw the suggested price for this thing in ToyFare… I'm not so sure how much I am in love with it. Its still pretty cool tho.