News round-up, 11/20/08

New G.I. Joe 5-packs on the way “[…] bringing characters back to the fold that new collectors may have missed the first time around” including Snake Eyes. Did anyone miss Snake Eyes? I don’t even collect G.I. Joe and I own Snake Eyes. Looks like it’s a different sculpt, though.

2008 “Worst Toys” List They’re all just toys with safety issues–talk about boring! I miss Reverend Rose’s list of “warped toys” that will condemn your soul to eternal torment.

– has a Gears of War toy giveaway going on. You’ll be able to enter once the site finishes loading tomorrow morning (seriously, the ads on that site are out of control). On a side note, can anyone tell me where the series 2 Marcus has more articulation than the series 1 fig?

–CornerStoreComics is having a big sale on DC Direct figures.

–With the economy sliding down the tubes this year, there are going to be more than a few kids going without toys under the Christmas tree. Do your part by donating to Toys for Tots.

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  • LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLame… why do we need more Snake Eyes? If people wanna go out and buy copies of toys they already own, let 'em. Cobra Cmndr. gets a cape… Lady Jaye loses the hat, the Viper gets a chrome face shield, and Shipwreck gets a new bird… whoopie…

    I'll have to pick up the Michaelangelo Ninja Attack thing for my nephew… I bet he'd love it.

    Whats wrong with a giant Giga Ball? Maybe kids want to pretend they're Wayne Coyne!

  • The new Snake Eyes is a propper 100% 25th anniversary figure of the 2nd version of Snake Eyes from 1985, this time in the proper colours and not a dark purple like the Pyramid of Darkness dvd boxset (which thankfully I did not get), also I only have Shipwreck so in getting this set I can get Hawk, Flint and Lady Jaye.

  • Yeah, I have one very different version of Snake Eye's, so the box set is worth it for the other improved versions of characters.