News round-up, 11/24/08

  • Diamond Comics will be offering pre-orders for sets of DCUC action figures, much like online retailers have been doing for months now. (Toynewsi)
  • Better photos of Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave figure. I love how nerds are avoiding this “spoiler” like the plague. Look, it’s just a toy–it’s not going to give away the plot at all. And it’s a a toy of a robot from a sequel to a movie based on toy robots. Did you really enjoy Transformers enough that you can’t bear the thought of knowing what happens in the sequel? Here’s a hint: there are robots who turn into things, they fight, and stuff blows up. (
  • G.I. Joe Hard Master review and modern Blowtorch revealed (
  • Hot Toys announces license for movie Hellboy 12″ figures, rendering all previous 12″ Hellboy figures worthless (
  • Spock is dead on. Kirk looks like the dad from Flight of the Navigator. William Shatner and Bruce Campbell–two men whose faces are just impossible to capture in plastic, for some reason.
  • MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man go on sale one week from today…


Poe’s Point > A call for help (DCUC 5)


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  1. Mark

    Totally agree. Can't wait for the MOTU Classics, they are released on my Birthday.

    I do not like the look of movie Soundwave…in fact I am not a big fan of the movie toys in general. I love Transformers but I think Hasbro Takara have really let their standards slide lately, as the design of the toys feel rushed and the quality of parts and paint is not as good as it used to be. Not a lot of the new Transformers are interesting me (except Animated Wreck-Garr and hopefully Arcee) so I am taking a huge break to focus on MOTUC and some MOTU 2002 and Stactions.

  2. TF fans are weird. Sometimes I wonder who is worse, SW fans or TF fans. Oddly enough they're both made by the same company. I've been checking out the new pics of Soundwave since they've been released. It seems each time they get just a *little* clearer in resolution. These latest ones are the best I've seen.

    I can't wait for He-Man and Beast Man! Maybe once fans have them in their hands people will stop bitching & moaning about their prescious 2002 line. Okay, I know that won't happen. Still, the more favorable reviews there are, the more we can tell people to stfu! 😉

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