Odds ‘n Ends

ODD: Not too much to discuss today…just trying to survive until the four-day weekend. Come this time next week, PGPoA–and the Poe household–will be in full holiday mode.

END: The DCUC Toys ‘R Us two-packs have started to show up, which is just a bit earlier than I predicted (early December). The only set I’m praying I ever see in person is the Orion/Lightray one, but there’s also a Batgirl/Azrael set (both of whom were previously released) and one with Hal Jordan (in his first appearance duds) and Abin Sur.

ODD: He-Man and Beast Man go on sale at noon EST on Monday. Here’s hoping Mattycollector.com doesn’t crash within the first five minutes–remember to boost that bandwidth, Matty! Incidentally, I’ll be getting these as an Xmas gift from Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, so don’t look for reviews until the New Year.

END: On a whim, I decided to do a search for “Thanksgiving figure” on eBay. Most of the hits were just sales, but there was this guy.

ODD: The “Batman: R.I.P.” storyline in the Batman comics ends tomorrow. I wish I felt confident enough to make some sort of prediction as to what’s going to happen, or at least who the Black Glove is, but writer Grant Morrison has layered the story with so many bizarre red herrings I’m effectively stumped.

END: Here’s an idea–let’s try an interactive Odds ‘n Ends! The first commenter can start with “ODD:” and then write whatever pithy observation he or she would like, then the next commenter starts with “END:” and so on. I’m curious to see how far it can go before devolving into hilarious surreality.

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  • The MOTU Classics go on sale on my Birthday, so I know what I am treating myself too.

  • ODD: Or is it…..Shocker Toys is now saying their Indie Spotlight line won't be available in December. Not very Shocking. 😉

  • ODD: Thats strange, I thought I heard it was Guffman who was handling the shipping.

  • ODD: I was lucky enough to have scored a Cyborg Supes and Mongul a while back, but I'm glad all the collectors who missed out will get them now.

  • ODD: I really want some more Final Fantasy figures to supplement ye old Sigma collection. (I only have Ashe.)

    END: I also want to acquire the Hellboy II Liz Sherman figure.

    ODD: That said, if I had money right now, I'd be spending it at eBay on old McFarlane crap I wanna use with my NECA Turtles.

    END: I think I'm going to start troop-building Sigma 6 Arctic Dukes, to which I'll add WWE heads to half-ass customize a wee army of arctic dudes; it'll be snowing here anytime now.

  • END: There's this Mexican restaurant in the Fort Wayne, IN area called Banditios. Best. Guacamole. Ever. It's half the reason I'm going to my family's Thanksgiving over there.

  • ODD: Sigh…now you did it. Now I have to go to Baja's Betty's for lunch today, because Poe must have a burrito.

  • END: I think Guacamole tastes like that green slime stuff you could buy in gumball machines in the 80's. It wasn't always green…

    ODD: Whatever happened to that stuff? Or any of the cool stuff you could get from vending machines? I remember spending tons of money at those gumball machines getting muscle men and an assortment of trinkets.

  • END: Does anyone remember Nickelodeon Gak? That stuff was the greatest! It was slimey and goopey and got all over everything! You could push it into the container and it'd make flatulent sounds. Unfortunately, if you let it out it'd get rock hard.

  • ODD: Nickelodeon Gak should not be confused with guacamole.

    END: On a related note, remember those Play-Doh sets you could buy where you made Play-Doh food? You could make hotdogs and hamburgers and a bunch of other stuff. Yet, you weren't supposed to eat it. It's like they were taunting us.