Poe’s Point > A call for help (DCUC 5)

It pains me that I’m reduced to this, but I must ask you, dear readers, for some assistance. As you know, I’m an avid collector of DC Universe Classics. And as you may also know, there is a wave exclusive to Wal-mart currently in stores. I had a deal arranged to get a set, but […]

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Facebook is trying out a new blog network app, and I’ve added a page for PGPoA. Check it out when you have a chance. And if you’re a Facebook member, please join my blog network! I need at least fifteen fans for the site to start excerpting my blog. PGPoA on Facebook

Pic of the day

Robocop from Tons-of-Toys.com (Robocop and the Ultra Police, Kenner, 1988) Poe’s note: One of my all-time favorite action figures. As a kid, I was very concerned with making sure the figure looked accurate to the movie, so I colored his visor, gloves and pelvis with a black Sharpie. After Robocop 2 came out I also […]

News round-up, 11/22/08

The Fwoosh has a great early review of MOTUC He-Man. Again, my jealousy knows no bounds. New, high-res photos of Masterpiece Grimlock. Looks fantastic. (Tformers.com) Action figure sales up 1.2% for first three quarters of 2008 (Playthings.com via Fanmode) Target exclusive Clone Wars program (via Rebelscum.com) G.I. Joe: Resolute Cobra Commander figure image. Looks pretty […]

Pic of the day

Drawing of the Sword by TCM Hitchhiker Poe’s note: For some reason, this picture made me think of the Magic: The Gathering card Ernham Djinn. Go figure. Anyway, amazing work here by TCM Hitchhiker. I love the intensity of color.

Review > Artemis (DC Universe Classics)

(Click on any photo for a larger version.) In the early 1990s, DC Comics was losing a lot of ground to Marvel Comics and its X-Men juggernaut. There was a perception that DC’s heroes–particularly their top three, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman–had gotten a bit long in the tooth and weren’t relevant to neither younger […]

Pic of the day

Oh No! There’s two of him by Ronsrandomstuff Poe’s note: Magnokor was one of those great random figures you sometimes get from a line you don’t actually collect. I never had any other Inhumanoids, but I remember my mother picking up this guy for me at the now long gone Rich’s department store in Plymouth, […]

News round-up, 11/20/08

—New G.I. Joe 5-packs on the way “[…] bringing characters back to the fold that new collectors may have missed the first time around” including Snake Eyes. Did anyone miss Snake Eyes? I don’t even collect G.I. Joe and I own Snake Eyes. Looks like it’s a different sculpt, though. —2008 “Worst Toys” List They’re […]

Pic of the day

Captain Power by – c a r l o s o r o z c o – Poe’s note: I’m sad to admit I never got into the whole Captain Power thing (except for Soaron Sky Sentry, of course). Kids could interact with the TV show using the toy vehicles, which could take damage or […]