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Captain Power by – c a r l o s o r o z c o –

Poe’s note: I’m sad to admit I never got into the whole Captain Power thing (except for Soaron Sky Sentry, of course). Kids could interact with the TV show using the toy vehicles, which could take damage or score hits based on flashes from the screen. Pretty innovative, especially for the time, and I’m kind of surprised the whole “light gun” technology never grew beyond its application to 1980s toys and a small niche of the videogame market.


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  • I got Captain Power for Christmas in I think 1987. Cool stuff.

    On a completely unrelated note, I think we need a Dinoriders Classics line… 😉


  • What a freaking great toy idea that was. I don't recall having the action figures, but shooting the interactive spaceships at the VHS with my little brother beat most contemporary video games silly.

  • I went through 2 or 3 Captain Powers, I know I broke the left leg off on two CPs I owned. I'm not sure if I had a third and lost him or my family gave up on me NOT breaking his leg off.

  • I randomly picked up a Captain Power figure while on a family vacation in Tennessee at a Big Lots of all places. Awesome figure. We got a few of the vehicles as well. Never got into or really saw the show, so the Captain very soon became Cyclops (to a very imaginative young mind) to go along with my Secret Wars figures!