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Oh No! There’s two of him by Ronsrandomstuff

Poe’s note: Magnokor was one of those great random figures you sometimes get from a line you don’t actually collect. I never had any other Inhumanoids, but I remember my mother picking up this guy for me at the now long gone Rich’s department store in Plymouth, MA. I always loved the guy–he made for a great generic monster to terrorize the Turtles. He’s also one of the few childhood toys I’ve never gotten an eBay replacement of.


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  • PG thats how it was like growing up, I'd get these random ass figures for lines I didn't know existed. I think I had ths robotic He-man style figure where you could see the dude's colored gears inside of him.

  • Oh yeah, if I had that guy, he would've been the generic Monster to fight a variety of toylines, MotU in particular, as well as Blackstar… He's very cool Poe!

  • I had forgotten about that toy. I am pretty sure I still have him in storage somewhere at my parents house. Thanks for sharing this pic. I had always wanted Tendril growing up, and later found one on ebay for $25. Sometimes ebay is really cool.