Frank does Kirby


This piece, cooked up by Fanwank owner and occasional PGPoA contributor Pete, re-imagines Jack Kirby’s New Gods through the lens of Frank Millerism. Save us.

I’m back in Boston and will be returning to my regularly scheduled…schedule of posting tomorrow, which also happens to be my birthday, which also happens to be the one and only birthday in which I become 30 years old. Y’know what though? 30 is the new 20. …Right?


Toy review roundup (via Fanmode) 12/27/08


News roundup, Poe’s birthday edition


  1. Mandy

    Happy Birthday! I can't believe your 30 and I'm not far behind.

  2. jimm

    Happy Birthday old man, wait 'til you hit 40 then get back to us! 🙂

  3. MummaGhostal

    Thank heavens 30 is the new 20…if you knock 10 years off, then I will only be 44 in a couple of weeks!

    Let's see, what appropriately sensible gift should I be looking for?? Something in a blister pack with weapons, perhaps????

  4. takeittothemax

    I've wondered when I hit 30 if that would feel like a magical cut off date, a time to get rid of 'kid stuff' like toys. I'm glad it looks like I won't be the only one 30+ still collecting toys.

  5. dwaltrip

    Happy Birthday Poe.

    I turned 30 a few months back…..and the good news is, it feels no different then 29. 😉

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