Mattel Q&A Round-up, 12/16/08

Here’s a quick round-up of Mattel’s Q&As around the Web yesterday:

Interesting tidbits:

  • Mattel sometimes looks at collector customs for inspiration
  • Large-size figures or maquettes of the Horsemen’s original DCUC sculpts may be in the works
  • Both Dr. Fates will have the Ankh accessory.
  • More figures based on DC live-action properties (moves and TV shows) may be coming
  • Mattel produced as many units of DCUC wave 5 (Walmart wave) as they intended to, but they “hit a bit later” than originally planned
  • DCUC Wave 9 will be revealed at NYCC (Fingers crossed for the Joker!)
  • Apparently, some fans are really bothered by the fact that MOTUC Skeletor’s left hand will be open. Y’know, just like the original figure’s.

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  • I'm not impressed. They just tell you a tad bit more than Hasbro.

    Mattel should just give us ALL the info they know that they are allowed to give. lol

    Again, Mattel's marketing strategy to hype up the line along with poor Quality control, hard to find figures, etc. etc.

    I'm so happy to annouce I have become a completist to selling off 85% of the line.

    6 heroes in package

    4 villians in package

    7 loose heroes

    6 loose villians

    and I'm selling everything!!! I just don't think this line is worth for me to be a completist on. 90% of every mint unopened set i have is probably loaded with broken joints, incorrectly attached limbs, etc. etc.

    I got 6 firestorms from and ALL of them had incorrectly attached biceps like Poe's. This line is a joke and I'm only willing to cherry pick this line to the extreme.

    For wave 6, all i'm getting is hawkman. Wave 7…Flash and wave 8 Giganta, Hawkgirl and Dr. Fate.

    I'm done with the completism….sick and tired of Mattel's crappy a** quality. In fact, I just bought a Wonder woman from KB's and BAM!…head broke off. Got a Black Manta last week and BAM!….leg broke off!

    Pathetic Mattel. I've been collecting for over 10 years and as funny as it sounds, I notice everytime I'm a hardcore collector of a line and I quit….the line dies in about a year or two.

    Personally, I don't see this line surviving past 2 more years. Character selection and sculpt is great but the cons…quality, distribution, overdone use of sculpts, too many hard to find exclusives, exclusives that are expensive and look lame (ultraman and lex), etc. etc…..they outweigh the pros in my opinion.

    That's my rant for getting 100% of defective figures for the past two weeks.

    Sorry guys.

  • *****EDIT*****

    I meant I'm KEEPING only…

    6 heroes in package

    4 villians in package

    7 loose heroes

    6 loose villians

    …and selling everything off.

  • Wow, Chris. Your luck must be terrible.

    I had some paint slop on my Series 2 Blue Supes, and a little bit on Sinestro's armband in series 3. That's…yeah, that's it. The only trouble I've had with the line.

    Six Firestorms? I'll buy one.

  • Sorry Pete, I noticed it before opening any of them and returned them all to

    and yes it does seem I have the worst luck collecting these but those were extras I wanted anyway….

    Quality has been so poor…I keep 3 loose figures of the characters I want. This is why I think Mattel does this on purpose. lol lol lol

    Anyway, there are a ton of ppl complaining about Mattel's quality, distribution etc. and a ton of ppl at lets say Fwoosh that hate complainers like me but then turn around and complain about broken figures as well. Heck theres been a ton of fwoosh board member fights because of Mattel. Mattel is the Devil and Toy Guru is their poster boy. lol

  • @ Tom-tom….I buy in bulk because I get one unopened and 3 loose extras kept aside so it's a numbers game. Since a lot of them are broken crappy figures I buy extras in case they break hoping the next one i open is not going to fall apart.

    Some suggest being patient and doing the cold heat technique but man, I buy a ton of these…so i demand quality. I'm not going to "repair" figures I buy. THAT's a joke! No offense to those guys that have created this technique…i tip my hat to those guys but I refuse to do that because we shouldn't be having patience trying to CAREFULLY move joints like we're disarming a bomb.

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