MOTUC He-Man w/ 2002 gear

This may make some of you MOTU2K fans feel a bit better…Angel-T of the forums discovered the 2002 figures’ gear fits on MOTUC He-Man:

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  • Has anyone every cut the doofy looking sword in half and made the cosmic key? Looks like someone spray painted that sword gold and it'd be perfect as a cosmic key if you cut off the ridiculous anime Yu-Gi-Oh blade.

    Maybe I'll do that. Finally a reason to own 2002 He-Man!

  • I'm just pissed they didn't make the new He-Man just like the Sci-Fi version. Someone put that laser sword and shield on this guy!

  • I loved the NA He-Man's sword. I was actually a big fan of the NA He-Man. I think I still have him and Skeletor around here someplace.

    I wish he'd had two good arms though.

    Those were the best articulated He-Man figures until MOTUC came around.

  • @Newt: That is actually from the Castle Greyskull playset. Its displayed in the window of Greyskull. Its always sorta reminded me of the cosmic key. I know it won't happen because they don't have the rights, but I wish we could get a movie Skeletor!

    When I was a kid I had the NA He-Man role-play sword. It lit up and had sound effects, it was the greatest thing I'd ever owned. It replaced my generic sword (the one that you can find at every drug store and Big Lots) for the longest time until it broke.

  • @PrfKtTear: Ah, I see.

    I remember the NA role-play sword. I don't think I had it though. It was definitely cool looking.

    My cousin had the Thundercat's role-play set with the mask, claw and sword. I know, that's not related… But it was cool.

  • I wonder if kids still play, between XBOX 360s, the Internet, and kids having like five bajillion hours of homework, not to mention playing six different sports.

    I never needed anything fancy as a kid. I had my fort out in the back yard, which consisted of some cinder blocks and a few boards of wood. We'd use whatever was available, I had a stick that I would use as a power staff.

    I had NES and cartoons and stuff, but my mother always made us spend an hour outside after school, if I had a friend over we'd usually be BEGGING for more time to play.

  • I used to have the Thundercats sword it was great. Heres hoping for some new Thundercat action figures soon. No not reimagine or anything else juse updates of the originals.