News roundup, 12/27/2008

  • newspoeI will be sorely, sorely tested in my resolve not to collect 12″ figures by the Hot Toys original Predator, Dutch and yes, even Billy. (Cool Toy Review)
  • Corner Store Comics having year-end sale–20% off in-stock items (CSC)
  • First official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen pics may be released on my birthday (Seibertron)
  • JLU Amanda Waller figure coming in 2009 (MattyCollector)
  • If you haven’t entered Toy Bender’s “Joes for Tots” contest, there’s still time! (Toy Bender)
  • Weekly OAFE update (OAFE)
  • More NECA Street Fighter photos (Action-Figure) I’m really curious whether these will be in scale with SOTA’s figures.

27 thoughts on “News roundup, 12/27/2008”

  1. LMAO!

    That Amanda Waller figure! Who the hell would want a overweight cartoon version of fat lady?

    Mattel has truely lost it.

    lol lol

  2. Actually, from what I've been reading, a lot of people are pretty excited about it.

    From my own standpoint, I don't collect JLU, but I absolutely love it when nonstandard characters are made. I don't just want Superman and Batman, I want Perry White and Jimmy Olson, I want Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock. I want the normal people, because if you don't have them, then what are the heroes and villains fighting for?

  3. Will Waller have a Fat-lady-singing action feature?

    They must really be scraping through the barrel-bottom with JLU now…..

  4. It's not scraping the bottom of the barrel when they make a character who is actually pretty damned important to the JLU universe and appeals to fans of the line/show.

  5. No, it's digging through the barrel and ripping your nails out on the concrete underneath.

    I don't doubt that Amaanda is probably the single most-important character in the whole of the DCU to someone but how many kids are going to bypass Batman/Supes/anyone else in tights from the show to get the fat gal with the Grace Jones do?

    Here's a hint……0.

  6. It's not for kids. The line is positioned for collectors now. Just because you don't like the character selection, doesn't make it a good pick for collectors of the line who are interested in having a character that isn't the standard superhero.

  7. I agree with motorthing. I know there are a people that do want an amanda waller but in harsh economic times like these….I'm surprised Mattel's catering to a very very very specifit type of group that like this fat lady figure. lol

    I wonder if they'll make them literally RIGHT when they receive each order. They can't possibly make these wastes of plastic all in large quantities. lol lol

  8. Also, I can at least understand…Perry White and Jimmy Olson and Commissioner Gordon but c'mon….c'mon….LOOK at her. lol lol

  9. You, and anyone else are not buying a person – it's a hunk of plastic. And by the look of this one it's an uninteresting, poorly articulated hunk of plastic. And Action figure history is full of such statues not doing great business but having been produced because they are "vitally important to the story…." And they can be death on a Line.

    If it comes out in a multipack with some Powers then no-one is probably going to lose on the deal but this figure as a single-card? Peg warmer. And that'll be with most collectors too.

  10. If action figures are just hunks of plastic, why do we buy them then?

    It is the hunk of plastic that REPRESENTS the character that we want. Why do I have Clayface, Batman, He-Man, Cobra Commander, Meatwad and other assorted hunks of plastic on my desk right now? Its because they represent characters that I like.

    I don't collect JLU, its just not my thing, but I know if for instance Hasbro made a Spike or Sparkplug "hunk of plastic" I'd be all over that.

    You know what, if you don't like it, don't buy it. I don't get why people get their panties in a twist over, a "hunk of plastic".

  11. I'm going to get one in honour of this discourse.

    You missed my point entirely – Pete was beginning to go down a more personalised road with his comment. And lets get it clear: It is a hunk of plastic, it represents fun, and that's why anyone, including you, buy them.

    Unless you buy them as an investment – that's not fun.

  12. Haha… if you buy them as an investment, then you're the scum of the Earth! That calls to mind images I've seen on TF formums of toys still in the box piled from the floor to the ceiling in someone's house. It makes me sick.

    I think Pete was referring to Chris' statements, "Who the hell would want a overweight cartoon version of fat lady?" and "but c’mon….c’mon….LOOK at her. lol lol". As to say that if she were a thin attractive female then it would be alright? Just because she looks like Roz from Night Court doesn't make her any more or less of a person (as a character, not a hunk of plastic). Those are rather prejudice statements if you ask me.

  13. @Prfkttear: Exactly. She's no more poorly articulated than any other JLU figure, and her character was a pretty credible foil for the League on the show. Who wouldn't want to own a figure of her on that basis alone? Why does it matter that she looks like an "overweight cartoon version of fat lady?"

  14. Plus, Lex Luthor made out with her once. Seriously. It was in the Superman/Batman storyline "Public Enemies."

    What? Just sayin'.

  15. Nah….it's not because she's fat.

    Anyway….penguin's fat and I can see him getting made.

    Waller can be a skinny chick and heck…even HOT and i'd say….WHY THE HECK would anyone want to buy a cartoon version of a skinny hot chick? What a waste of plastic.

    It's true…to each his or her own but this is a place to post. We can all say what we want. Me and Motorthing never got riled up…people got upset at us. Poe took it well. He tells you he likes it and he'd buy it and that's it. You just have to take the bad comments with the good on any board. I wouldn't take my comments as a personal attack on people who like the figure. I apologize if you guys were insulted. It's just funny to me. It's like…you like that figure? lol ooookay. Whatever man. And that would be it for me.

    Again, sorry if I insulted anyone. I do understand there is somewhat of a demand but the figure just looks like the opposite end of the extreme to buff steriod, costume wearing figures.

    Lex made out with Waller? Why? You can't say it's because of her "personality"….she's a *itch on the toons and comics.

  16. Oh and I c'mon….people calling me prejudice?

    We live in a society that laughs at all types of racial jokes from stand up comedians mocking different races, we got shows that strive on negative stereotypes, etc. etc…..and I get labeled prejudice just because I wouldnt buy a fat lady figure?

    Please….I wouldn't buy a short guy figure in a suit….a skinny lady figure in a swimsuit…etc. etc. lol

    Basically…my reason isn't because she's fat…it's because of how different she is from the regular costumed figures. Fat, short, tall, skinny…they're all the same to me.

    I guess I hit a sensitive spot regarding weight with some people.

  17. Hmmn. To each their own indeed.

    Strangely enough when Chris was asking us to "look at her" what I saw first and foremost was a staction, and I frickkin hate Stactions. And so do most of the paying public. Hence the comments on likely market performance. What did you all think his comments meant?

    And Poe, if Waller did make out with that tedious bald guy (that Supes should have made a smear of by now……) I bet it was out of pity…..on her part.

  18. Actually it was more like sexual assault–Waller didn't know it was coming, and Luthor was all hot and bothered by her being impressed by his battle-suit. It was an odd moment, to be sure. Oh, that Jeph Loeb and his oft-odd characterizations!

  19. There's no way Waller is going to be a single pack figure. Just like Question wasn't, nor was the chick who was kind of Powergirl, or Ice, or The Key, or any number of newer figures. They pack lesser known characters into multipacks in order to get them made for the fans of the line or fans of obscure DC characters.

    What I had issue with was someone bagging on the character choice when it was for fans of the TV series who are also fans of the toy line and the person doing the bagging obviously is interested in neither. It would be me like saying some Spawn character was a bad choice, yet I have no interest in Spawn. I just don't get why saying Mattel is making poor decisions and implying it could be the "death of the line" when they clearly don't have any idea of what fans of the line would want in the first place.

  20. Mmmmm Clearly. And the fact that I have most of the Line (at least up to the point it went exclusive) in question? I think that entitles someone to an opinion……on where Mattel is going to crash it. This figure will be part of a multi for sure, and probably a Matty exclusive but "no idea of what fans want…" I used to be a fan.

    And by the by, You have every right to comment on a Spawn character too irregardless of your consumer choice…..why the desire to self-limit? Or limit anyone else?

  21. No offense was taken by me, I was merely trying to guide the conversation along. I did assume the remarks were negative towards fat people, so I'm sorry.

    I don't even collect JLU figures, so either way it doesn't matter to me. However, as a DCUC and Masters of the Universe fan, Mattel's business practices do hold a certain interest.

    As far as stactions go, I don't know if I could really say I'm indifferent to them, especially since I have two sitting in front of me right now (Jitsu and Sorceress incase you were wondering). I have all of the Four Horsemen MOTU stactions, minus any of the exclusives. I don't know if they're a good example to use or not though, since they were basically the only way the 4H's excellent work would ever be released, so they were a means to an end. I still wish sometimes that I could actually PLAY with them though. At that point, regardless of what line they're from, stactions cease to be a toy and are just statues. Stactions was just a term coined for the MOTU line. As far as I know not too many people play with statues, unless of course you get out your Cesar, Beethoven, and Shakespeare busts and have a tea party with them.

    I don't know much about JLU figures, but doesn't it pretty much conform to their style? They aren't known for having the greatest articulation, are they? At least they're not like those "Inaction" figures Kevin Smith released a few years back.

    Btw, my name is Chris too. I'm glad I use my AIM handle though. It would get pretty confusing with three of us here!


  22. "And by the by, You have every right to comment on a Spawn character too irregardless of your consumer choice…..why the desire to self-limit? Or limit anyone else?"

    I think the general underlying point is that we could do with a bit less negative commentary in general. Sure, we have the right to our opinions, but we could all stand to be a bit more cognizant of the consequences of our statements.

  23. Exactly Pete.

    Don't get me wrong, there's inherent comedy found in an Amanda Waller figure that's easily extracted (the Night Court reference is hilarious). It's a knee jerk "that sucks because I don't like it" mentality that drives me a bit crazy sometimes.

  24. Yes, again sorry for the misinterpretation. I should've worded it correctly.

    I am a fan of the show. I think i've seen 80% of the shows run. Nevertheless, I personally still would not want Amanda Waller.

    Anyway, DCUC distribution seems to be getting better…I saw 9 PEGS of wave 2 at Target!!! Ofcourse the leftovers were Black Manta, Blue/Red Superman and Jason Firestorm….everyone wants Harley and Aquaman!

    INSANE! Right when I quit the line they fix distribution….lol. Figures.

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