Odds ‘n Ends

Odds N Ends

  • To answer the burning question first: yes, I’ve got MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man and I’ll be reviewing them this week. I’m waiting/hoping for a particular birthday present (my family exchange is tonight) before I take the photos. Let’s just say, though, that I can’t wait for Skeletor.
  • I had lunch with fellow toy collector Rustin Parr (who really needs some sort of Facebook page or something I can link to; otherwise people are going to think I’m making a bizarre, obscure reference to The Blair Witch Project) on Saturday. ‘Twas fun. We had pizza and discussed how we would run DCUC were we the brand managers.
  • Word to the wise: if you’re going to order any figures off Mattycollector.com, including Skeletor and the Starfire/Adam Strange two-pack (both on sale Jan. 15), make sure to pick UPS ground shipping, not economy postal. Trust me. UPS will be a bit more expensive but far more reliable.
  • I found a giant pile of DCUC wave 2 at my local Target yesterday. My local Target has been a frickin’ DCUC wasteland for over six months, so I was a bit shocked to see all those figures, particularly the five long-haired, modern Aquamen. I decided to pick him up, only to remember once I got home that DC had already reverted Aquaman back to his classic costume. Bastards.
  • Just a reminder–Toy Bender’s “Joes for Tots” contest is still going on. Enter. Now.
  • This will be the last you’ll see of this particular Odds ‘n Ends pile this year–I’m going to shoot a new one for 2009. Anyone care to try and identify all the stuff in it? I’ll give the first person to post a comment correctly identifying at least five (5) of the 12 items a prize…hmm, let’s see…how about a Satellite Iron Man?

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  • Thanks for the contest shout out. I extended it to allow for last minute monetary donations. I know it's after Christmas, but they need help nonetheless.

    Also, I can name exactly zero of the items in that pile.

  • I think someone already said it, but I think Mattel should be embarassed by its checkout setup.

    I posted this on an old topic, but I don't think anyone will see it there.

    A trip to my local TRU today yeilded interesting results, as usually its just a black hole filled with nothingness.

    I found ALL FOUR DCUC 4-Packs. They had FOUR of each, except for the BatGirl/Azrael, only two of those. I was really only interested in those two figures, but the paint apps on both Batgirls was pretty shoddy. I checked out the Orion/Lightrays, which I’m on the fence about. I did like Lightray though. I just don’t know if I like him enough to pay $22 for him and a figure I already own, except its got a removable helmet.

    I had already picked up a few things which I didn’t want to put back, so I resorted to tucking it away on the top of the shelf way in the back. If its there in a week then it was meant to be, if not, no big loss.

  • Popeye's Anchor

    The Bumble's Star

    WCW Wrestling World Title belt (Could have come with a variety of figures, Hogan, Goldberg, Sting, etc)

    Skeleton Warrior Aracula's gun

    Quick Fire Joker's gun

    Pretty sure that's right. I know I got the hardest one right!

  • Indeed you did! OK, Newt wins. Anyone else want to guess at the other items? I'd be very impressed if anyone can get the helmet. I'd say that's the hardest one, because the figure it comes from is pretty obscure.

  • What I'm really curious about is that jawbone – I'm fairly sure I've asked you before where it came from, but I can't remember…

  • I'm gonna guess the dumbbells in the back are from one of the LEGO Batman sets.

  • Gah, I've got nothing. Is that jawbone from those Nemo toys from Mezco? Hell, I wish I'd bought those cheap…

    Is the dumbbell from Hellboy? Another wrasslin' figure, perhaps?

  • @ PrfktTear: I agree…the paint on batgirl for the 2pack was horrible. The version from the older vendor was a lot better. Same thing with the Wave 2 short hair aquamans. The paints different from both vendors. Some characters are painted better than others by the new vendor and others by the old vendor.

    As for the rest of the figures…I quit the line because although, i didn't mind the use of the same sculpts…i do now….the same painted over body parts just got to me. Now dcuc just looks like bootlegs to me.

    Unique figures such as Aquaman, Areas, Wonder Woman are cool but figures like the Walmart wave, Lightray, Captain Atom, Batman Beyond are all so bland to me now.

    Heck…I think Green Lantern is the biggest disappointment since he's an A lister. His black manta torso is skinny and the lower half looks a bit beefier. Just looks unproportional. Adding to the fact that the boots are just green painted over black to form black pants…sigh. So like a bootleg figure.

    Right now i'm just cherry picking. That Hawkman is amazing and I was wrong…that long haired superman is a lot better than the dcsuperheroes version! I'm picking up both!