PGPoA’s Holiday Contest

I’d been thinking about doing this, and a few of the comments in my last Odds ‘n Ends have sealed the deal.

The contest is easy, and I’m not even going to bother with a bunch of rules and so forth: the first person to email me with a complete list of every item in my holiday Odds ‘n Ends photo, along with the action figure it originally came with, wins a free Santa Spud (seen here). Anyone can enter except me (obviously), OB1, Red Kryptonite and Dr. Mrs. Ghostal.

To help make things fair, I’m going to edit or delete every previous comment in which someone has identified an item.

For reference, I’ve posted the Odds ‘n Ends holiday photo after the jump.


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  • I don't know them all. Now I don't even know if my guesses on the others were right! DAMN YOU POE!

    I want a holiday Spud. 🙁

  • I've decided that since I can't figure out what all is in your picture, that I'm changing the rules. I made my own Odds & Ends and you have to figure out what they are.

    If you can, then you send me the Santa Spud.


  • Newt! What is that stupid green booger thing??? I had that as part of a toy when I was a kid and loved it…..but I have fogotten about it until you put up that picture. Now I cant remember what it is from.

    If you let me know, I will tell you what one item of your choice is on Poe's Odds and Ends pic……just kidding Poe, I wouldnt do that. 🙂 But seriously, I do need to know what that booger thing is. Im getting childhood flashbacks and Im loving it. 🙂

  • Newt's: King Grayskull's foot, a whip from a fast food Beast Man, Moltar's axe from Crystar, the crossbow from a Kenner Robin Hood figure(?), and that's all I got.

    Prfktr's: Lego Batman, Blue, Mr. Potato Head (all are fast-food items, I believe), Dwight bobblehead, Meatwad, Legos, a penny, the Mystery Machine, a shotglass, Burk's Bees, (why am I doing this…?) a wiimote, the Man with No Name minimate or whatever that line is, a Pog(?), some sort of Adventure Heroes-style Optimus and a wind-up robot.

    Incidentally, I'm still waiting for someone to send me a list of objects in the pic. I'll make it easier–the person who sends me the most correct objects wins.

  • Thats no Pog Poe. Its more of a "not-family" friendly item. (in more ways then one 🙂 )

  • Wow, I can't believe Poe didn't know more! But I give ya credit for trying!

    You got Moltar's axe, so I love you for that. As well as the Kenner crossbow.

    The whip is actually from Whiplash from the Ironman line.

    The green brain is Saw Boss from Mattel's old Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors toys.

    I'll list the other stuff if anyone is interested or wants to try and guess it beforehand.

  • @Dwaltrip: Ah, I see it now. Gross.

    @Newt: Is the Kenner Crossbow from Robin Hood, though, or something else?

  • That’s cool. I recognized it but I had to totally guess that it was from Robin Hood and not some other line.

  • I only know about two things in this image, but I am totally stealing this idea for a SC contest. 😉