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  • I'm a die hard Godzilla fan. I just wish Toho would hurry up and make more Godzilla movies. Hurry up Toho!!!! Godzilla 1984(USA: Godzilla, 1985) was one of my favorite G movies.

  • I remember first seeing that G85 figure as a kid at Mr. Bigs Toyland in Waltham.

    At the time I thought the green imperial godzilla were the only toys ever made of the big guy. This was like striking gold for a kid.

  • Ah, Mr. Big's Toyland. Truly one of the greatest toy stores of all time.

    I had a number of Bandai Godzilla toys as a kid–in fact, I had a Bandai Godzilla (the 8" 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla version) before they even made the Imperial version. I agree, Bandai was WAY ahead of its time with these figures. Now, I've got this Godzilla, the '62 Godzilla and also the 1964 Godzilla (from Godzilla vs. Mothra) on display.

    Mr. Big's was also where my dad found all the Gaiking toys I wanted when I was little, such as Space Dragon (a.k.a. Kargosaur). As a kid, the word "Waltham" had magic connotations as the home of Mr. Big. Now it's where my wife works 😉

  • @Monte: Your very question is flawed–DMG is my wife now! 😉

    Also, I can't get the link to work.

  • Actually, I used the phrase "significant other" in the post, but yeah, LiveJournal seems to have crashed for the first time in years; I can't get on either.