Pic of the Day

Cuthroat [sic] by vader9900 Poe’s note: Apologies for the lack of a POTD yesterday. I…forgot, basically. Had the day off and was running errands.

Toy news roundup, 1/28/09

Skeletor is sold out. Damn, that was fast. Bodes well for MOTUC, though. (Mattycollector) Go Hero is making a Commando Cody 1:6 figure, which I find interesting mostly because CC was featured in a number of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Incidentally, where the hell are my MST3K figures, world?! (Figures.com) More pics of Terminator: […]

New Topless Robot list

I’ve got another new Daily List over at Topless Robot, in which I take Frank Miller to task for his often controversial depictions of women. For the record, my inspiration for the piece came from this Shortpacked strip. 6 Hints that Frank Miller Might Have Issues with Women

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 1/27/09

Michael Crawford reviews the Hot Toys Predator 2 Lost Predator 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “… you won’t feel like you got some sort of steal, but you’ll know why you spent that much money.” Jeff Parker reviews the Hot Toys Alien 3 Dog Alien 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “You couldn’t describe it as a bargain, but the […]

Pic of the Day

NECA – Aliens 03 by Ed Speir IV Poe’s note: Despite some QC issues, this is probably my favorite Alien-related action figure ever made, which is saying something. Watch for a review of this figure by yours truly at OAFE.

Odds ‘n Ends

Welcome to another weekly installment of Odds ‘n Ends. I’m your host, Poe Ghostal. PGPoA now has a fan page on Facebook–become a fan today! I’m thinking about ways to make it worth your while, such as Facebook-exclusive content or contests and such forth. February has always been “Retro Month” at OAFE, and this year […]