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  • So once again they're holding back stock. Remember folks save Skeletor in you're shopping cart. Save several in fact. You can still order it after the "sold out" date is posted. Once again Mattel prevails with ingenuity! Unless they discover the little loophole on the site..MUHAHAHAH

  • Thanks for the notice. I was waiting to order both Skeletor and Adam Strange/Starfire set until the end of the week. I just got off my @$$ and ordered them.

  • @GOAM: Does that really work? I actually *just* ordered my Skelly, and lo and behold when I signed in I saw that I still had a He-Man in my shopping cart from when I was debating whether or not I should have waited to order a second one when Skelly was released on the 15th.

    Mattel is really pissing me off by pulling figures. I can see that they want to make the figures available for the Cons since they are the flagship characters and such, but I don't know who that is going to benefit.

    Anyone attending these cons is most likely an active collector who would have/should have already known about the line's existence. If they're counting on some person randomly being there and saying "Oh hey! Look, He-Man! I think I'll get him!" it might be probable, but highly unlikely.

    I don't have any issue with them selling Faker at the NYCC, esp. since its going to be sold at the site.

    I think they should also seriously consider making He-Man and Skeletor available as permanent fixtures.

    I also agree with many of the sentiments Poe has expressed before in that MOTUC for now, is an internet only collector-based line and should be treated as such. You snooze, you lose.