Movie Masters Keaton Batman…is a fake.

Never mind the Jail Cell Joker mentioned in the previous post–is a Movie Masters Michael Keaton Batman on the way?

UPDATE: Ha ha. Bastards.


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  • It looked pretty good for a custom, but yet looked so wrong. Never did like midget Keaton as the dark knight.

  • If and when Mattel ever does get into making these figures I’m going to buy them. Until then I’m skipping all the MM stuff. I don’t care for the look of ANY of the new Batman movie characters.

  • Too bad… I'm looking forward to a Keaton MM Batman!

    @Newt: You're skipping out on Two Face and Bank Robber Joker? I think they're brilliant! Considering I don't have the money to spring for a Hot Toys Joker, I think the Bank Robber Joker will more than fill his place. Heck, I might buy two and swap one of the heads from a regular MM Joker! =)