News roundup, 1/7/2009


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  • I think nearly ALL the DCUC figures would be my pick for Best "Repainted" figures of all time. lol

  • It's funny that when I see certain top tens I know you wrote them even before I see the writer credit.

  • I liked the column, mostly because you put in the Riddler figure which I’ve opined my love for before… But Tomax & Xamot?

    I don’t think they fall under repaint at all. I always hear that in conjunction with them… But their torsos are reversed. Wouldn’t that actually mean that you’d need a whole seperate mold? I guess I don’t see that as a repaint. I mean, the characters are twins. They could have easily been EXACTLY the same, but they aren’t.

    Good column anyway.

  • Steampunk Prime is def. awesome! If its a fan proto/kit or whatever, I'm sure it'll cost $80 or something ridiculous.

  • That Steampunk Prime is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    And keep in mind: Angelina Jolie is sitting naked on my lap as I type this.