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  • I hate that Ham Salad guy, he's always getting stuff before I do. 🙁 And he's a much better photographer than I am.

    Actually, I'll be getting a Hawkman or two tonight.

  • I'm sorry, but as nicely sculpted as that figure is, it desperately needs a paint wash or something to keep it from looking so plastic-y and cheap.

  • im really happy about there being enough space between his back and his wings to have him placed on a marvel legends flying base and have him actually stay there….

    i really do need to invest in a whippy superpose base for him and hawkgirl

  • There haven't been any Target sightings yet…just Walmarts.

    A poster at Fwoosh said CSC is pre-processing orders for the imminent arrival of DCUC6, so fingers crossed.

  • Just ordered mine: he looks sweet, even though I give Hawkman a lot of crap…he's the Sam the Eagle (from the Muppets) in the JLA. And in regular DCU continuity, his wings aren't real! If you have a Legion flight ring, a two-by-four, and some barely repressed rage, you could do Hawkman's job. (Unless you count his other "power," which is, get reincarnated with wife Shiera, get killed, repeat.)