Mattel’s mystery line: GHOSTBUSTERS!!


Wow. From TNI:

Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Mattel, Inc. announced today the development of a new collectible line of toys based on the world’s favorite poltergeist fighting team, the Ghostbusters, including an extensive cast of ghosts and ghostbusters – celebrating the 25th anniversary of the frightfully funny classic film “Ghostbusters.”

Mattel’s “Ghostbusters” collectible line debuts with 12-inch figures in June 2009, and will be available exclusively at Each figure will feature window box packaging and include authentic Ghostbuster equipment unique to each character. For the first time, Mattel’s line will include talent likeness of Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. Select prototype figures will be on display February 6-8 at New York Comic Con and February 15 at Mattel’s New York Toy Fair Collector Preview Night (by invitation only).

”We have assembled a quality group of licensing partners to support and celebrate the anniversary for one of Columbia Pictures’ most cherished properties. Mattel’s line-up of collector toys is the perfect complement to what will be a great selection of 25th anniversary product,” said Juli Boylan, Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures Consumer Products Worldwide.

“Ghostbusters” collectors can also look forward to 6-inch figures, with one debuting at San Diego Comic Con in July 2009. Sculpted by Four Horsemen Studios, the team currently working on Mattel’s popular DC Universe™ Classics and Masters of the Universe® Classics collectible lines, the 6-inch line will come complete with authentic “Ghostbusters” equipment and ghost.

“There haven’t been many comedic blockbusters over the past quarter century as memorable and loved as ‘Ghostbusters,’” said Tim Kilpin, GM for Boys, Girls & Games, Mattel, Inc. “We are honored to participate in the celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary by creating the most extensive line of ‘Ghostbusters’ collectibles ever.”

Mattel will also create characters and ghosts from the classic animated series, “The Real Ghostbusters,” to go along with the classic “Ghostbusters” film.


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  • My heart sank until I read "6-in". These are going to be a major temptation, I'm going to have to wait to see them before I put any more thought into it.

    *IF* they look good (which they most likely will since they're sculpted by 4H) and *IF* they have good accessories, ie a ghost, proton pack, ghost trapper, and moar, and *IF* they're $15-$20, then maybe. I'm only presuming they'll be $20 in line with the MOTUC.

    I wonder if they'll have the likenesses of the actors, of if its just a similarity. I'm all for a Gozer, Slimer, Stay Puft, and Vigo figure! 🙂


  • Dang! A line I have no interest in. I was hoping for a 7th Kingdom line. Oh well.

  • @PT: "talent likeness of Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore."

    I'm pretty sure that means they got the rights to the actors' likenesses, and we'll get 4H sculpts of the quality of Movie Masters.

  • If you're right and they are based on actor's likenesses I'm totally down for this!

  • This is all kinds of awesome. Except for the likely mattycollector price tag.

  • Glad to hear they're doing the Real Ghostbusters too. Lots of good stuff in that line, the actualy Ghostbuster movies only leave a few things.

    That said, a Matty Collector exclusive kinda sucks. And I'm not sure these guys should be 6 inch scale…

    But I like it. I'm down.

  • @Poe: Yeah, I somehow missed that part! 😉 I was still half asleep when I read the article… plus I had to pee really bad, so my mind was elsewhere.

  • I must admit I was hoping for something cooler i.e. Thundercats.

    But I am sure these will be really great and it will be excellent having movie and cartoon figures in the same line. 'No One Comes to Lupusville' is in my opinion the best Ghostbusters episode and my personal favourite.

    Lets hope these are handled better than the MOTU Classics.

  • I'm pretty sure your old Slimer is still around…and I guess this would be a good reason to go to the SDCC!

  • The one thing I'm wondering about is the ghosts. Mattel can share parts with the Ghostbusters themselves, but most of the ghosts I would think would require unique sculpts. I wonder how much that would cause the prices to jack up to.

  • this is fantastic news. I have had the GBusters on my mind of late, and was wondering why there were no modern action figures of them. and who better but the 4HM?

  • Give me a Stay Puft. He is seriously one of my all time most desired toys. GIMME GIMME GIMME.

    It's funny, as I have been essentially recreating my child hood with modern toy lines throughout the last year, and last week I said that the last one needing updating was Ghostbusters. Funny how things happen.