New Mattel update – Stratos sells out

Mattel posted another update on their Facebook page. Since not everyone is on “The ‘Book,” here’s the update in its entirety:

Yup, MOTU fans are absolutely into this line as Stratos sold out in what, 4 days! Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. And in all honesty while we did produce slightly more He-Man and Skeletor, it wasn’t THAT much more. So this really is a good indication of how the line is doing. And yes, we will go into increased numbers. Faker has already been produced so we will see if it is possible to up the order of Mer-Man, if not we will apply to Zodac and Hordak for sure.

And in other MOTUC news, yes we will be bringing back He-Man and Skeletor with only slight packaging changes indicate this is the second run. We also switched He-Man’s shoulders correctly and per fan requests lightened the red around his eyes. We know some fans are asking for a lighter material on the loin cloth, but this wasn’t possible without delaying his re-release.

These guys won’t be back until a bit down the road, but they will return to ensure all fans can get key characters.

Next up is Faker which we will have less of online since we took a bunch to NYCC. So if you want Faker, based on sales of Stratos, be online quickly on March 16 after 12:00 noon. We imagine since it is too late to produce more for this sale, his remaining stock will go fast.

After him is Mer Man on April 15th and Zodac on May 15. We are looking into a few bonus figures (as mentioned at NYCC) for some months later in this year. Bonus figures will include repaints and rereleases (such as He-Man and Skeletor mentioned above). Should be some great surprises!

We’ll see you on!

So it seems despite the initial controversy surrounding Masters of the Universe Classics, the figures are selling like bank CEOs’ souls.

As for the discussion of re-releasing He-Man and Skeletor, here’s my prediction: they’ll be available at SDCC, in good numbers, and then on the website after that. You heard it here first (or maybe eleventh, I don’t follow all the forums). The way “Matty” writes about them above makes me think they’re already producing or are close to producing the re-releases.

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  • While I'm glad that the line is selling and I'm glad that there will be reprints, I wonder about how fast Stratos sold out. Makes me think that after seeing the secondary market prices for the first three that people bought a bunch just to sell back once he sold out.

    I'm glad they keep touting the re-releases as if I'm happy with Stratos I'll only have to keep an eye out for Beast Man online and won't have to spend a mint trying to get He-Man and Skeletor.

  • Yea, they have to be careful here, and not produce to false demand. It usually takes two to three releases tops for the scalpers and dealers to catch on – then they jump in to try to buy as many as possible to flip. An interesting comparison would be to see how many Beastman or Skeletors there were on ebay the first week they shipped compared to how many Stratos go up this week. Me thinks there would be a marked increase.

  • I doubt they’ll be ready by July. They’ve said numerous times that it will take 8-12 months to re-release a figure.

  • Ah, but you’re assuming they weren’t already planning on re-releasing them from the beginning 😉

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a plan in place to start producing a second run of He-Man/Skeletor figures before they even went on sale, ready to go into production if sales went well.

    But again, I have no inside information–I’m just guessing here.

  • I sure hope they make more of Mer Man. I passed on Stratos and will probably pass on Faker as well but I will be pissed if I miss out on Mer Man.

  • Poe, I kind of doubt that because of all the flip-flopping they've been doing : we'll re-release them — no we won't — we'll just mark it second edition — we'll repaint it — we might change some accessories — etc, etc, etc.

  • Fair enough. Still, we know there should be some Skeletors at SDCC, since they didn't have them at NYCC, as I recall.

  • Lets hope for a huge 14″ action figure of Extendar as a build a figure. Re-releasing the figures is all well and good but I hope these do not count as the monthly figure as it should be a new character each month, if a figure is being re-released it should be like when He-Man and Beastman were released at the same time.

  • Yeah. This sort of thing really seems like a lot of the naysayers would doomed the line to failure aren't as TOTALLY AND INARGUABLY RIGHT as they thought.

  • I think just the fact that the line is recieving so much buzz says a lot for it. You say "flawed" I say "Awesome". You say "regressed" I say "Awesome". Even people hatin' on it are still talking about it!