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  1. Marketing purposes, I'm sure–to make him easily distinguishable for kids (and their parents buying the toys).

    It's the same reason Ray was red-headed, and why Marvel keeps sticking Wolverine in that ridiculous yellow-and-blue outfit.

  2. Wasn't the deal with the cartoon that the guys couldn't look exactly like their human counterparts because of rights?

    I always loved the cartoon, but my favorite has always been Winston!

    Zeddemore FTW!

  3. That's probably part of it too (the likeness issue). Apparently the good looks of Misters Murray, Ramis, Aykroyd and Hudson don't come cheap.

  4. @Mark: Yes, because Filmation's "Ghostubsters" came out at the same time as "The Real Ghostbusters". However "Ghostbusters" was originally a live action Filmation tv show from the '70s.

    My friend had a TON of these toys. I think he had pretty much all of them, from the originals to the ones with all the whacky gimmicks like you press a button and they have "scared" looks (eyes pop out, jaw drops)

  5. I always wanted some of those figures when I was a kid. I might have to pay more attention to the new figures than I was originally thinking to.

  6. I had a lot of those, I think they were called 'Fright Features' or something. I had all 4 Ghostbusters and they all had a different action. They had some real genius actions. Can't say I ever heard of the live action Filmation Ghostbusters series, I will have to check it out.

  7. Both the live action and animated filmation ghost busters have been released on dvd, both of which i got to review.



    The live action series was kinda goofy, it was two guys and a dude in a gorilla suit.

    The animated series picked up with the original character's sons and took a more fantasy approach with real ghosts and goblins and what not. the main bad guy, "prime evil" was voiced by alan oppenheimer in his best "trying not to sound like skeletor, but still sounding like skeletor" voice.

    I had no recollection of ever seeing the show prior to viewing the dvds, but something sparked a long lost memory of having seen it before.

    If you think MOTU was bad for using He-Man's transformation scene to fill up time, Ghostbusters had this three minute scene in every episode where they go into a bone elevator and are taken to this weird room/dimension and are on conveyor belts while bony hands reach down, rip off their clothes, poke and prod them a bit, and put on their "ghostbusting" outfits.

  8. While the show wasn't great, I did like some of the Filmation Ghostbusters action figures, particularly Prime Evil, who has a spot in my vintage toy shrine. I had Tracey too, and he (she?) was pretty cool. He came with this weird purple gun that remained in my toy box long after Tracey himself went missing.

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