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Manglors Manglord Action Figure Toy by Neato Coolville

Poe’s note: Man, I loved these toys as a kid. Well, toy, I should say, since I never had any of them except for the Manglord here. As you can see, they had some great, creepy box art, too.

There was a certain tragic aspect to these toys. The gimmick was that you could pull off their arms or legs and then, because the figure was so sticky, you could stick the limbs right back on. But as you might expect, the limbs never really gripped as tightly as they did before you ripped them off, and so once you’d torn off Manglord’s head, arms, and legs, you soon lost interest and the figure ended up in the trash.

Still, it was a neat gimmick, and made for a memorable, if unsuccessful, toy line. If you’re interested in learning more about Manglors, this seems to be the definitive site, although this guy also spends more text on Manglors that I would have thought possible.

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  • I think I had one of these, and I remember it being fun for about five minutes.

  • That video on the i-mockery site that you linked to was pretty good/funny. It is worth the watch.

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